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Bypass Surgery in Germany

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Nowadays in Germany as well as in other countries bypass surgery is one of the most efficient ways of treating ischemic heart disease caused by coronary vessel constriction and reduction of heart oxygen supply. Ischemic heart disease in a neglected condition can result not only in stenocardia, but also in lethal cardiac infarction. Therefore, well-timed and correct treatment sustains patient’s life and improves its quality.

Bypass surgery

Ischemic heart disease treatment in Germany depends on how neglected the disease is. Medicinal treatment is usually assigned at the initial stages of the disease; it is aimed at vasodilatation of damaged vessels which improves heart oxygen and blood supply. At later stages it is possible to use angioplasty treatment (vasodilatation of constricted vessels with the help of a cylinder and possible stent installation. In case it is not possible to use such sparing techniques, German experts suggest a bypass surgery. Heart catheterization conducted with the use of advanced medical technologies (bypass) allows preliminary estimation of the disease scale. Bypass surgery is suggested in case it is expected to give better results than medicinal treatment or angioplasty.

Bypass surgery is an extremely complicated surgical operation aimed to restore heart blood flow, bypassing the contraction of vessels. This open-heart bypass surgery is conducted under general anaesthetic. In Russia as well as in Germany during conventional bypass surgery the heart is stopped and an artificial blood circulation apparatus is connected. In recent years minimally invasive techniques have been used in Germany to conduct bypass surgery without stopping the heart and connecting artificial blood circulation apparatus. Advantages of this method are reduction of cell and tissue damage, decrease of blood loss, absence of complications connected with the use of artificial blood circulation apparatus, reduction of surgery duration and considerably quicker rehabilitation process.

Patient’s blood goes to the apparatus which takes up function of lungs and oxygenates blood for some time before it goes back to the vessels. Taking into account the complexity of the surgery, it is crucial not only to find an experienced and knowledgeable surgeon, but also to use advanced medical technologies (e.g., modern blood circulation system minimizing the contact of blood with foreign elements) because breathing with the help of an artificial blood circulation apparatus can have negative influence on patient’s tissues and viscera.

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Unfortunately, even in Germany it is not always possible to conduct minimally invasive surgery. In case of serious vessel damage or combined surgical operations (e.g., simultaneous heart valve replacement) it is necessary to stop the heart and to use artificial blood circulation apparatus to conduct the surgery. After the surgery, the patient stays in an in-patient department and is usually discharged in 10-14 days.

Before you consent to this extremely complicated surgery it is important to choose an experienced specialist and a well-equipped clinic. In Germany the bypass surgery is always conducted in accordance with current international standards and is notable for its quality and reliability.

Coronary artery bypass surgery in Germany is guaranteed to treat patients from stenocardia and short breath. On the following day after the surgery patients already feel better; they can get up from the bed and walk. The cost of the surgery ranges from 18 000 to 30 000 euro. It is often necessary to conduct coronarography before the surgery (from 2000 euro).

Specialized German clinics will provide you with consultations of highly skilled doctors and quality treatment. Individually selected methods of diagnostics, therapy and surgical operations are conducted with the help of ultra-modern medical equipment. Our Friedrichshafen clinic also ensures high standards of hygiene and medical care as well as courteous staff. Health is the most important thing in everyone’s life. Trust us and we will take good care of it!

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