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General surgery

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Surgery is one of the most developed medical specializations in Germany and a number of modern clinics all over the country provide a wide range of surgical treatments. Along with some particular kinds of interventions as orthopedic or neurosurgery, general surgery is a real leader in a sphere of highly professional medical services offered equally in private clinics and state medical institutions of Germany.

What is General Surgery?

It is quite difficult to set limits, where the general surgery starts and ends. Normally, it is considered that its main specialization is operations on abdominal area and internal organs, including stomach, liver, gallbladder, kidneys surgery. General focus of those invasive techniques is to give to patients relive from various chronicle problems that are not possible to cure with traditional medication. But general surgery is not limited with treatments related to gastrointestinal tract and abdomen; it also provides surgical interventions for skin and soft tissues, emergency and trauma surgery, operations on thyroid gland and breast, and oncologic surgery. With some latest techniques it has become possible to broad a spectrum of services and make them more advanced comparing with traditional surgery.

Wide Choice of Services and Surgical Methods in German Clinics

Nowadays there many of different approaches in surgery starting from classical open surgery method till innovative minimally invasive techniques. A professional general surgeon always advise a best method individually for every patient based on disease history, clinical tests results, overall health and some others issues. The different clinics offer different methods of surgical treatments depending from their main specialization and technological base. It is worth to note, that price range for operative invasions also vary significantly, that is why it is very important to take into consideration a number of factors while choosing a method and a medical center for surgery as:

  • Individual diagnosis;
  • Complexity of disease;
  • Technological basis of the clinic;
  • Proficiency of medical staff;
  • Additional services offered in the clinic;
  • Rehabilitation techniques.

It seems as obvious, that the higher proficiency, the better result but in reality some of patients do not need medical luminary to carry out a surgery and it may be reasonable to choose average clinic with good equipment and younger medical personnel. There are many clinics with active research centers and good academic base where the students with general surgery residency develop their skills. It could be a good choice for those with common diseases without complications. In other difficult cases, a patient may need a service of highly experienced general surgeon with narrow specialization to precise diagnostic and professional surgery. We could advise you the better clinic for your individual need.

Modern Methods in General Surgery in Germany

The revolution methods of minimally invasive surgery have been developed to the current moment dramatically. The more and more operations are performed by endoscopic or laparoscopic methods. For general surgeon is a matter of professionalism to be skillful in those techniques. There are a number of advantages of minimally invasive general surgery as following:

  • Less traumatic intervention;
  • Lower blood loss;
  • Shorter rehabilitation;
  • Faster recovery of working ability;
  • Less pain after surgery;
  • Rarer postoperative complications.

Laparoscopic operations are performed through small incisions (not more than 1-1.5 cm) with miniature surgical instruments introduced into the body. A small camera allow surgeon to control the process on a monitor. From beginning laparoscopy was widely used for abdominal and pelvic general surgery but today it become more and more popular for spinal and orthopedic surgery, as well in plastic surgery.

New generation of laparoscopy are so called robotic operations carrying out by robot ‘da Vinci’. A few of German clinics in field of general surgery use this innovating technology.

Your General Surgeon in Germany

There are many options for those who are in need of surgical treatment in Germany. General surgery has been developing together with modern technologies but a talented and professional surgeon is still in its foundation. The general surgeon should be experiences both in main directions of general surgery as gastrointestinal surgery, liver surgery, kidney surgery, gallbladder surgery, colorectal surgery, critical care surgery, breast surgery, endocrine surgery, trauma surgery etc., and neighboring areas as vascular surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, gynecologic surgery, transplant surgery, and cancer surgery.

If you need any surgical treatment in those areas, we could help you to make better choice of a general surgeon and a medical center among the variety of medical services in Germany according to your diagnosis and individual preferences.

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