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Expert Opinion: Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person’s spinal axis has a three-dimensional deviation. Scoliosis is considered to be a highly destructive disease since it is often resulted in internal organs’ disorders. The nature of scoliosis is still disputable but most often it appeared to be the congenial disease. Orthopaedics in Germany is your real chance to get rid of the back problems and to start a new life.

Scoliosis is the complex disorder consisting of several stages, but it is successfully cured in GKH Clinic, thanks to unique surgical and non-surgical methods of treatment.

Non-surgical treatment

Non-surgical treatment includes manual therapy, physiotherapeutic treatment and exercise therapy. Non-surgical treatment could help patients with early disease stage with angle of inclination less than 25°. Specialists of orthopedic surgery and traumatology center of GHK Clinic create individual programs alternating different types of non-surgical treatment.

Manual correction is the main stage of non-surgical treatment of scoliosis. It allows to stop scoliosis development. Manual therapy transforms the pathosis of backbone structure, ligament and muscles into the correct state.

Physiotherapeutic treatment is a very advantageous method for scoliosis treatment but it is only a secondary measure aiming to strengthen back muscles. It also affects endocrine system and all internal organs. Among all physiotherapeutic procedures for scoliosis treatment electrostimulation is the most effective one. Special electronic device provides gradual selective training of the muscles for further natural correction of the spine curvature.

Exercise therapy is good for all musculoskeletal system. Besides, a patient acquires right moving skills, keeping correct posture being the major one. High skilled doctors choose exercises with no axial load applying to the spine, but providing necessary training for different sets of muscles. This type of training allows patients to experience a better stability and flexibility as well as gradual scaliosis elimination.

It is noteworthy that non-surgical treatment provides the best results (99,5%) for children 4-11 years old.

Scoliosis treatment

Orthopedic and traumatology center of GKH Clinic in Bonn is one of the largest health care facilities in Germany featuring innovative surgical treatment of scoliosis. Orthopedic surgeons advise for a surgical treatment if the angle of spine inclination exceeds 50° or posterior roots’ damage gives neurological disorders and pain. Famous orthopedic and traumatology center of GKH Clinic in Bonn is well recognized for its effective usage of innovative methods for therapy and diagnostic of musculoskeletal system diseases. The head of the center Dr. med. Holger Haas, was listed in “The best German orthopedists” by reputable German magazin “Focus”. It takes to Dr. Haas and his fine team very short period of time to give their patients new life with no pain and mental discomfort.

Only spine surgery is able to provide treatment of the evolving scoliosis with good results:

  • spinal cord correction, elimination of curvature;
  • compression termination and eliminating pain;
  • more stable structure to protect spinal cord.

The Orthopedic and endoprosthesis centers in Germany are able to eliminate the spine problems. There are several techniques of scoliosis surgery, spinal fusion being the most effective and operable. This method consists in resection of invertebral discs, hemivertebras and spinous processes that form scoliosis. This type of treatment also includes the compression of bulging spinal structures. For foregoing purposes surgeons use endocorrectors consisting of corrective pin and fixing pin. Metalwork provides sound connection between bone structures of the spine. This methods also includes changing deformed invertebral discs for special metalwork or bone implants for damping.

The choice of corrective elements for spine sections’ interconnection depends on the patient’s age.

Dynamic structures are used for the patients of younger age with developing musculoskeletal system and visual scoliosis defects. Their design allows spinal cord growth with no intervention needed.

Adults have mature skeletal structure. In such a case the treatment requires rigid fixation of curvature that allows correct fusion of spinal sections and further recovery.

Scoliosis surgery is conducted with general anaesthesia and lasts more than one hour. Treatment and after care usually takes about 2 weeks (depends on patient’s conditions). Scoliosis surgery is done with the help of minimally invasive techniques; nevertheless the whole recovery process takes from 6 to 12 months.

Modern non-surgical and surgical treatment cannot do without high quality diagnostics. Orthopedic and traumatology center of GKH Clinic in Bonn is notable for its innovative researches giving a chance to get correct diagnosis on the earliest stages of scoliosis. Timely detection of scoliotic disorders contributes to prompt treatment with maximum ease for a patient.

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