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More and more females around the world are in need of this treatment procedure, because their oocytes cannot get fertilized any more or ovarian reserve is too small. Sometimes it is due to advanced age of a woman (older than 35). In other cases women may need a donated egg due to premature ovarian failure. Sometimes women have conceived repeatedly, but pregnancies ended in miscarriages. This condition may occur in some sort of ovarian dysfunction or chromosomal problem (both in men and women).

Couples suffering from infertility, always have a number of options at hand. You may ask: What options are there if the oocytes of a female don’t work? In case of fertility problems, it is advisable to think about egg dоnation and to have a look in a European bank of reproductive material.

Fertilization of a donated egg has helped thousands of patients with ovarian disorder to perform their dream about a healthy baby and is considered to be the safest way to perform IVF.

Under German law, a woman who gives her reproductive cells for fertilization is considered to be the mother. For this reason egg donation is not allowed in Germany. Nevertheless there are other EU countries (i.e. Austria or Spain) offering an open database of donor eggs, so that international patients could feel free to apply for reproductive help. Donors and recipients are held anonymous. Please, call us for more information about clinics, offering IVF with donor oocytes.


Yearly Austria attracts thousands of patients, looking for this type of infertility treatment. It has been allowed by the Austrian Law in 2001 and since than Austrian fertility centers have helped thousands of couples to get a child. Advanced technology and soft hormone medication (for hyperstimulation) empowers the Austrian IVF specialists to achieve unprecedented success rates (70% of conceiving on a single IVF cycle). The cost of such donation treatment makes up about 8 000-10 000 euro.

The most famous clinics in Austria, offering banks of donor eggs are

Heads of these clinics are leaders in fertility research and special attention is attached to quality and technological advance of oocyte retrieval and transfer procedure. Donors’ suitability is studied by a multidisciplinary team. Genetic screening and thorough medical examination of egg donors is a must, which helps to cut risks and increase the success of IVF with donor material.

If you want to get a donor egg in Austria or other EU country, you will have to schedule an initial consultation with an IVF physician. Only after personal consultation will you get an insight of the donor database and select a candidate. For international patients this consultation can be completed over the phone or via Skype. During this consultation you will get informed on the risks and the benefits as well as costs of this treatment in advance.

Preparing for a therapy takes 2-3 weeks of hormone injections, both for donor and a recipient. It helps to stimulate the ovaries (in order to achieve hyperstimulation) and to synchronize the menstrual cycles of both women. Before the treatment you and your donor will be asked to go through the following medical examination:

  • Hysteroscopy in office (to exclude cysts or adhesions)
  • Ultrasound examination (to make sure that the uterus lining is in good condition for further embryo transfer)
  • Blood work (to determine hormone profile and to exclude certain chronical diseases).

The ideal moment for the transfer of a fertilized oocyte is determined in advance. After ovarian hyperstimulation eggs of a donor are harvested with a special needle through vaginal wall. At the same time a biologist prepares semen of a man to increase t fertilizing capacities of sperm. The retrieved oocytes are then fertilized with sperm of a male partner and transferred into the uterus of an egg recipient. If the semen quality is reduced a special ICSI technique can be implemented. It involves putting a single preselected sperm into the donor oocyte.

The fertilized eggs are then cultivated during 3-4 days to the stage of blastocysts and then transferred into the uterus. According to statistics around 60% of IVF cycles with donated oocytes end in healthy pregnancy.

Selecting a reliable European clinic for such a subtle procedure is not easy. Please get in touch with our IVF consultant for more information about the best European fertility clinics, offering eggs donation.

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