Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatment at the leading reproductive centers in Europe. IVF with higher pregnancy chances. Get direct access to the most efficient reproductive techniques
Infertility Treatment

The German infertility specialists have good news for childless couples: Any type of infertility is successfully treated with modern reproductive therapies today. Those who faced the problem of infertility usually have many open questions: Which infertility method to choose? Could treatment abroad be more efficient? Are all the infertility clinics the same? We are going to dwell on fertility treatment options at the German, Swiss and Austrian centers of reproductive medicine.

The information below should not be mistaken for a consultation by a qualified practitioner. Contact us already today and we will advise you on treatment options at the best European clinics, proceeding from your individual infertility case.

Assisted reproduction implies the wide scope of innovative medical methods, which manipulate the germ cells (sperms or eggs) with the aim of achieving healthy pregnancy. The most efficient methods of assisted reproduction are:

  • Supporting techniques (all kinds of gentle hormonal stimulations before and after the blastocyst transfer).
  • Artificial insemination
  • Fertilization (IVF)
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

The type of fertility treatment depends primarily on an underlying fertility problem. Due to innovative diagnostic technologies, cutting-edge treatment methods, the latest medical equipment and medicines of new generation more and more patients suffering from childlessness solve the infertility problem. According to EU statistics, every second IVF and every third insemination procedure ends up in pregnancy.


If a woman does not get pregnant after a medical or surgical infertility treatment, a more sophisticated procedure may be needed to restore fertility. One of the modern methods is the computer-aided insemination procedure, which in 25% ends up in pregnancy. In case of homologous insemination, a specialist brings the sperm of a man into the body of a female partner. A child conceived with the help of homologous insemination is the biological child of both partners. The main advantage of this procedure is that the sperm reaches the egg faster than during a natural intercourse.

The European specialists distinguish among the following methods of insemination:

  • Intracervical insemination (ICI): The physician injects the sperm into the cervix;
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI): Sperm injection into the uterus;
  • Intratubal insemination (ITI): Sperm introduction directly into the fallopian tubes

An individual stimulation of ovulation in women is an essential part of every insemination procedure. To have your body prepared for the treatment, it is advisable to come to the clinic in at least two weeks before the duly insemination. In some cases, however, you can start stimulation at home, which is especially favored by the international patients.

The cost of insemination (including the laboratory services and ovarian stimulation) makes up about 1 500 – 3 000euro. If no pregnancy is diagnosed after 3 insemination attempts, it is advisable to move on to other assisted reproductive methods (IVF or ICSI).

How to get pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes?

Such a question cannot be responded in a generalized way. The obstruction of the tubes is always the result of a pathological process (i.e. endometriosis, inflammation, adhesions). To understand, whether the fallopian tubes are obstructed or not, special tests should be performed. Among the most efficient diagnostic procedures, widely applied by the German physicians, is a hysterosalpinography (HSG). During this test, the special marking substance is inserted into the endometrial cavity. This dying liquid highlights the problem area or proceeds freely into the abdomen. Sometimes the same diagnostics is carried out with аir flow, controlled by the sonography devices. If the diagnosis is confirmed, i.e. your tubes are blocked, the European specialists recommend a light surgical intervention, helping to correct the problem.

Now when the blocked tube is opened, the egg can pass from the ovary to the uterus, which makes natural fertilization possible. Successful conception after such a procedure is reported in 70% of all cases of fallopian infertility. If the laparoscopic operations don’t bring the expected results, one should think about in-vitro fertilization, which excludes the functionality of tubes from the fertilization process.

In-vitro fertilization: Modern ways to beat infertility

The IVF an effective and safe method of artificial conception. This procedure is performed in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in compliance with the modern rules of reproductive medicine. The IVF involves the following main steps:

  1. hormonal stimulation (to prepare your body for the egg retrieval)
  2. blood tests and ultrasound
  3. follicular punction
  4. fertilization of the egg cell with the sperms of your partner
  5. cultivation of t embryos up to the blastocyst stage (3-4 days)
  6. blastocyst transfer

The cost of IVF treatment accounts in Germany for 5 000 – 7 000 euro. We understand that for most couples who want to solve the infertility problem, the IVF method is the last hope and resort. For this reason we advise performing in-vitro-fertilization at the well-equipped reproductive centers, which can guarantee the high hygiene standards and absolute security. Our website showcases information about the leading infertility clinics in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The best European centers, specializing in infertility treatment see it as their highest concern to offer the personally tailored high-end medical services in order to meet the therapeutic needs of each patient.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

This modern reproduction technique is implemented in case of poor sperm characteristics in a male partner. The medical concept is simple. Under guidance of a special microscope a sperm is absorbed into a thin injection syringe and introduced directly into the egg. Through this “marriage” of an egg and a sperm, the successful fertilization can be achieved, even if sperms are almost motionless.

In some cases the IVF procedure may involve the donor eggs or sperms. This method is indicated if one or both partners cannot produce healthy reproduction material (in case of genetic diseases). In the EU there are 34 donor sperm banks which closely cooperate with the biggest fertility centers.

How much does fertility treatment (IVF) cost? This question is really important for those who want to undergo treatment abroad. Due to the transparent price policy of the German fertility clinics, you will get the estimate cost of treatment in advance. The costs for treatment will definitely be minor compared to the advantages you enjoy.

If you have previous medical history, it is a good idea to take the medical documentation with you, so that the specialist could estimate your condition and draft a personal step-by-step diagnostic plan. It helps to avoid the called “overdiagnosing” and to spare your time and money.

Being an international patient in Germany, Switzerland or Austria you can expect infertility treatment, performed by the chief physicians. Our database of infertility specialists includes the most renowned and experienced professors and doctor of sciences, who have at least 20 years of practical experience. All experts perform infertility treatment based on the latest therapeutic methods and scientific concepts. The close cooperation of specialists (biologists, embryologists, medical technical assistants, laboratory staff and senior medical specialists) will make sure that you achieve the therapeutic aim and fulfill your dream about an own baby .

We endeavor to find the optimal solutions for everyone who requests medical help. Don’t hesitate to call us for further information about infertility treatment in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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