Treatment of Male Infertility

Infertility is an inability to conceive a baby, in other words incapability to propagate naturally. The problem of male infertility is often considered taboo because many representatives of the stronger sex quite painfully take even a possibility of such a disease. Adequately diagnosed and timely treated infertility is a basic premise for a successful solution of this problem in 80% of all cases.

Male fertility depends on the quality characteristics of sperm. If the percentage of viable spermatozoa in the ejaculate is low or if the spermatozoa have some morphological pathologies the chances of impregnation are drastically reduced. According to the statistics every 10th man is confronted with this problem.

Special attention is paid to the therapy of male infertility in Germany. Before the treatment an urogenital examination and spermiogram analysis are carried out. The results of sperm analysis allow to judge the reproductive abilities of a man at the moment of delivery of the test. The infertility is diagnosed if the results of two or more tests (performed with an interval of 2-3 weeks) indicate one or another pathology that hinders the conception.

If the infertility reason is established one should primarily eliminate the factors that cause this problem. For example, if there are abnormalities in patient's hormonal profile German specialists prescribe most advanced substitution hormone preparations that have no side effects. In case of prostate gland inflammation or raised infectious markers the doctors cure the pathology itself. If there are problems with immune antibodies the specialist should find the proper combination of enzyme and hormonal therapies.

In case of congenital or acquired defects of generative organs the only solution to the problem is a surgery. The most commonly used surgical intervention method to treat male infertility is microsurgical recanalization of vas deferens.

Abnormalities in the functioning mechanism of vas deferens as well as varicocele reduce the fertilization capability and in neglected cases even make it impossible. In case of male infertility caused by varicocele the physicians should optimize the blood outflow from the testicles. The surgery allows to reduce the congestion, normalize the metabolism and thus improve the quality of sperm. The vines in the testicles are binded up, sclerosed or legated. Surgically performed correction of such abnormalities combined with substitution hormone therapy allow to restore male fertility once and for all.

In case of an idiopathic infertility (i.e. an infertility of an unclear etiology) it is advised to resort to alternative methods of male infertility therapy. The sperm for assisted reproductive technologies (for example, artificial insemination) can be obtained by means of a microsurgical procedure of material aspiration from a testicle or epididymis. Clinical experience of application of this method proves that in 90% of cases it is possible to obtain the sperm of excellent quality, even if the patient has previously been diagnosed with azoospermia (ie, the absence of viable sperm in the ejaculate).

The choice of male infertility therapy directly depends on the type of infertility which can only be determined by a specialist. There are about 40 famous andrology, urology and reproductive medicine centers in our catalogue all of them having an excellent reputation. As an example we are going to provide you with a brief overview of two clinics of reproductive medicine.

Reproductive Medicine Center, Stuttgart

Treatment of all types of female and male infertility can be performed in the reproduction center in the German Stuttgart. About 150.000 childless couples from all over the world have already received help from this reproduction center. The head of the clinic Dr med. Friedrich Gagsteiger is an experienced andrologist.

The therapy and diagnostics of male infertility in Dr Gagsteiger`s clinic is based on many years of experience and scientific achievements of German reproductive medicine. Different methods of conservative and surgical treatment of male infertility are widely used in the clinic, among them also some techniques of assisted reproduction (IVF, ICSI, IMSI).

Dr. Loimer's Reproduction Center, Vienna, Austria

The Dr. Loimer's Reproduction Center, located in Vienna, Austria, is an example of a modern reproductive medicine clinic where the therapy of male infertility is conducted at a high scientific and "interdisciplinary" level.

Since 2003 and up to this day, modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of male infertility are being applied and improved here. The head of the clinic Dr med. Leonard Loimer is an andrologist with 25 years of experience in the field of andrology, urology and reproductive medicine. According to statistics, 70% of all couples who applied to the Dr. Loimer's reproduction center have become happy parents within a year. This is the highest success rate of reproductive technologies in the country.

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