How to Increase Sperm Motility?

How to increase sperm motility

One third of male fertility issues are due to the so called “male factor”. Theoretically about 50% of fertility issues are male related. Sperm with low motility score is one of the wide spread fertility disorders. Sperm motility score should be studied in the laboratory, equipped with modern magnification equipment. The normal motility score represents the percentage of sperms which actively move into the forward direction. The good count score is also a crucial component of fertility in men. Low count and sperm motility is a common cause of male infertility and should be approached in holistic and interdisciplinary way. To get better idea of treatment patterns at European fertility center, let us look at some of the techniques, which help to manage and increase the sperm motility.

Low sperm motility is one of the most challenging reproductive health conditions and needs comprehensive diagnosis, with semen analysis done by a trained urologist being the most informative diagnosing steps. The following factors are important in the semen analysis:

  • The volume of the released semen should be 2 to 5 ml. The lower volume may indicate decreased function of male reproductive organs.
  • The quantity of sperm per milliliter should be at least 10-20 million (in the norm of 40 million spermatozoa) per ml.
  • The mobility of sperm cells - normally the semen should contain 60 and 80% of mobile spermatozoa. The predominance of fixed (non-motile) spermatozoa says about infertility or inflammatory diseases of male reproductive organs.
  • Sperm color should be normally milky white (deviation may indicate different diseases). Pinkish sperm indicates the content of blood in it, and yellow or greenish – diseases of inflammatory or infectious nature.

Please mind that only after thorough study of these and many other specifications can the treatment of male infertility begin. Home remedies are efficient only as supplementary means and should not be overestimated.

Dr. med. David J. Peet
Dr. med. David J. Peet
Prof. Dr. Klaus H.Diedrich
Prof. Dr. Klaus H.Diedrich
Herr Dr. med. Thilo Schill
Herr Dr. med. Thilo Schill

In сase of low scores of sperm motility, the doctor may prescribe modern hormone medications to increase sperm count and motility. The purpose of such a hormone treatment is to block the male body production of female hormones and reduce their content.

In addition, natural remedies are widely prescribed to improve the quality and quantity of sperm in the short term. Homeopathy, vitamins (Vitamin C, Beta-carotines, Zinc) and various natural dietary supplements (e.g. L-arginine or L-carnitine) have also proved to be efficient in managing the low sperm count and low sperm motility. Important is to perform the comprehensive diagnosis in order to eliminate the root cause of sperm deviation and to avoid the overtreatment.

The leading fertility specialists in Germany utilize the state of the art techniques in such domains as acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition therapy, massage therapy, functional body cleansing etc.

The recent studies, conducted at German fertility centers have shown that acupuncture has proved to be really effective for increasing sperm motility. A 3 week acupuncture course helps to improve the morphological and structural characteristics of sperm by 30%. Acupuncture significantly improves sperm production, sperm count, movement and repairs structural deviations. 80% of men who have undergone the holistic treatment of infertility at German centers and clinics managed to get their female partner pregnant within the next 5 months.

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