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Vein Thrombosis Treatment

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Vein thrombosis treatment is a set of medical or surgical activities aimed at eliminating blood clots (thrombi) in veins. The first stage of the development of vein thrombosis is almost symptomless, so the patients often see the doctor, having a severe form of this disease. It activates a number of pathological mechanisms in the circulatory system: blockage of blood vessels, poor circulation, separation of thrombus and its penetration into the circulatory arteries of heart, brain, lungs.

The clinic of phlebology in Passau, Germany, provides new diagnostic and therapeutic programs of treatment of vein and lymphatic system diseases. This modernized center is managed by well-known experts-phlebologists Jutta Häring. Innovative vein thrombosis treatment is one of the most privileged tasks in their highly professional activities.

Vein thrombosis treatment

The center of phlebology in Passau, in Germany, has a unique diagnostic base, which helps to identify different types of vein thrombosis and prescribe an appropriate treatment. Conservative treatment of veins is used, if an occlusive thrombus has been found. This is a minor form of vein thrombosis, when hardened blood clot accretes to the venous walls and covers the inner lumen completely. Treatment of the parietal vein thrombosis is also included in the list of conservative care. It is localized on the walls of the vessel and does not prevent the circulation, therefore, it is considered to be low-hazard.

Today, modern clinic of phlebology in Passau, Germany, provides a full range of conservative methods of treatment:

  • drug treatment of vein thrombosis. Doctors prescribe fibrinalytics and thrombolytics that destroy blood clots. Moreover, to reduce blood clotting and formation of the clots they use anticoagulants. Among this group of drugs, the leading positions are occupied by low-molecular heparins. They are easy to use: the patient gives himself an injection in the abdominal wall1-2 times a day; there can’t be overdosage and complications;
  • radiowave therapy. In this field the phlebologists of Passau clinic in Germany prefer radiofrequency obliteration Venefit. An automated system realizes treatment of vein thrombosis of different origin successfully, including the elimination of the thrombus, appeared because of the inflammation of the vein walls. On an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia, the RF catheter is injected into an affected area of the vessel. It has special sensors that allow regulating the quality of the thermal effects, depending on the therapeutic purposes. A radiowave beam destroys the thrombus, leaving intact venous cavity. Such radio-frequency treatment of vein thrombosis has an impeccable precision of the intervention and maximum safety. Moreover, it helps to avoid pain syndrome. In comparison with laser, its impact is more gentle.

If conservative treatment has not helped, then surgical treatment of vein thrombosis is prescribed. Highly qualified phlebologists of Passau clinic in Germany follow a comprehensive approach for solving surgical problems. Thus, during the operation various methods that make up a successful combinational therapy can be used. The surgical base of the center of phlebology in Passau, Germany, includes the following innovative techniques:

  • crossectomy is a minimum invasive surgical intervention, aimed at elimination of thrombophlebitis (deep vein thrombosis of the lower limbs with inflammatory lesions on the inner surface of the vessel) and phlebothrombosis (deep vein thrombosis of the lower limbs without symptoms of vascular walls inflammation). During crossectomy the phlebologist performs all manipulations through a small incision, which is made in the natural folds of the legs (below the knee or in the groin area). In these areas the sapheno-femoral junctions of the great saphenous vein are situated. The selected vein is transected and estuarine tributaries are tied. Such activity allows avoiding the penetration of the detached clots in vascular artery of lungs, brain and heart. Also it renews blood backflow in the lower limbs;
  • mini-phlebektomy eliminates varices, deformed and clogged venous areas by thrombi. The method of mini-phlebektomy includes creation of minimally invasive, 1-2 mm long punctures in the area of the affected vasculature. The pathologically changed part of the vein is extracted by a hook through each puncture. After that, its excision with the help of a fastener takes place. Each subsequent segment of the vein is extracted through a new puncture. Thus, the patient has the possibility to carry out effective vein thrombosis treatment, since the method eliminates the risk of recurrence of the disease in a particular area. Mini-phlebektomy provides a wonderful cosmetic effect, the healing is quick and without scars;
  • probe stripping is a method of treatment that was developed for the removal of the venous trunk to eliminate improper downwards blood flow and vein thrombosis. Due to a thin probe with a cutting tip, the selected vein is removed from its space. The main advantage of stripping is short terms of rehabilitation.

The clinic of phlebology in Passau, Germany, offers universal therapeutic methods that cover a wide spectrum of diseases of the venous system. High-tech equipment and professional care of their patients allowed the center to form an exclusive and successful scheme of vein thrombosis treatment.

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