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Laser Varicose Vein Treatment

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Varicose is a condition, which causes veins to become enlarged, inflexible and twisted. Varicose veins are mostly observed on the leg, less commonly in the lower pelvis, esophagus, stomach, spermatic cord and rectum. The disease occurs in all age groups. Treatment of varicosity in Germany can bring you back to healthy life. German doctors use one-of-a-kind treatment methods.

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Traditional surgery, which is performed under general or spinal anesthesia, requires incisions on the lower leg, hip and groin, through which the affected venous trunk and branch vessels are extracted. The surgery results in numerous stitches, bed rest and lengthy hospitalization. Hemorrhages, lumps and scars are likely to occur in areas where the vessel used to be; not infrequently, the limb swells and feels numb at places, and it takes weeks for patients to regain ability to work.

Laser varicose vein treatment in performed in the following way: under local anesthesia and with the use of ultrasound scanning, an incision is made in the affected venous trunk, and a one-use laser fiber catheter is introduced into the vein and guided toward the groin.

Unlike traditional surgery, laser treatment consists in applying laser energy to the wall of the vein, causing it to shrink and become “welded up,” no reopening of the incision or extraction is required. Varicose branch veins are removed via 2-3 mm incisions under local anesthesia without stitching. The patient walks out of the operating room right after the surgery and leaves clinic in about an hour. After one to three days he/she can get back to work.

inimal price for treatment: €700

Laser treatment stages

The whole procedure comprises four stages.

First, an incision is made in the wall of a vein and a laser fiber catheter is introduced into it. The catheter should go all the way down the affected vein.

Second, the insertion of the catheter requires local anesthesia to prevent muscle contraction and the drifting of the catheter.
Third, after the anesthesia takes effect, the catheter is connected to a laser light generator device. In turn, a so called retractor is attached to the catheter, so that it can be pulled out of the vessel when the brief laser beam therapy is over.

Fourth, the beam is actually applied to the walls as the catheter is pushed down the vessel. A short-term laser impact will be enough to produce the expected effect. Phlebologists in Germany perform more than 10 such operations every day. Each case requires a post-surgery examination to prove success. When the disease is gone, so is the pain.

First, the procedure is painless. This is thanks to local anesthesia, which rarely lasts 30 minutes. Actually, there is no invasion, and the incisions are too small to cause much pain.

Second, it leaves no cuts. The only traces are sclerotic node-like formations, which disappear after two to three weeks.

Third, this kind of treatment is curative, which makes the clinic in Germany popular among varicose vein patients. The operation guarantees at least five years of healthy life. Providing a patient strictly follows all recommendations, the disease will never recur.

Fourth, laser varicose vein treatment in Germany is the safest way of dealing with the enlargement of veins. There are several factors that guarantee safety:

  • Use of high profile equipment
  • Use of advanced technologies
  • Doctors’ exceptional expertise and skills
  • Use of local anaesthesia instead of general

Finally, this kind of treatment will not impair your life in any way. Patients can get back to their daily businesses and have fun on the very same day. This method completely frees patients from post-surgical rehabilitation.

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