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The health and beauty of legs greatly depends on the condition of lower extremes veins. The disturbances in the functioning of lower extremities veins leads not only to aesthetic defects but to the problems with health and the decrease in the quality of life. Statistically more than a half of Earth population suffers to a certain degree from varicose veins of the legs.

The development of varicosity with the disturbances of the valves' functionality of the lower extremities veins, which results in the blood reflux. The functioning of the valves can get disturbed as the result of the following factors:

  • Pregnancy. In 70% of cases of the diseases of veins in pregnancy are temporary and disappear over time but combined with other factors it can become chronic.
  • Excess weight. People suffering from obesity have 2 times greater risks of varicose veins of the lower extremities. The point is that the fat tissue also needs to be supplied with blood which increases the load on the lower extremities veins.
  • Working on feet. Teachers, sellers, surgeons, etc are people who need to spend the lion's share of their working time on foot. When a person stands for more than 2 hours on foot the venous valves of the lower extremities get overloaded and do not comply with their job.
  • Increased abdominal pressure. In chronically increased abdominal pressure the subcutaneous veins of the lower extremities become widened. This condition occurs after long lasting coughing, retention of feces, benign prostatic hyperplasia, etc.
  • Traumas of legs and surgical interventions. The damage to leg vessels in traumas and surgical interventions can cause disturbances in performance of lower extremities veins. In this case varicosity is unilateral — only on the damaged leg.
  • Elderly age. After 45-50 years the veins of the lower extremities gradually lose their elasticity and tonicity which leads to their widening.
  • Inborn and acquired pathologies of veins. Abnormalities of veins development and obstructions of deep veins belong to this category.

The development of varicosity of lower extremities veins on early stages runs unnoticed and continues for years. As the diseases progresses the patient start to complain about the feeling of heaviness in the legs and dull, gnawing pain. The feeling of swelling in the veins is also among the symptoms. When not treated venous varices of the lower extremities lead to a pronounced aesthetic defect: swollen blue veins that show through the skin. Further development of venous varices of the lower extremities can lead to such dangerous conditions as thrombophlebitis. Another complication of varicosity are trophic ulcers that are the result of blood supply deficiency in the lower extremities.

German Medical Group is a company that brings together more than 150 clinics, hospitals and medical centers in Germany and other European countries. The wide variety of available clinics allows the company to offer the fullest range of medical services.

In particular it cooperates with clinics that specializes on treatment of lower extremities veins:

Capio Phlebology Clinic in Germany

Norbert Frings is a well-known physician working in the field of vascular surgery, he is an expert in general surgery and the medical director of Capio Mosel-Eifel-Klinik Phlebology Clinic. Frings M.D. has an outstanding professional experience (30 years) and knowledge in the field of therapy of the most complicated forms of venous pathologies. He enjoys a high place in the "Top 100 best doctors in Germany" rating. Dr. Frings received the Rheinland-Pfalz medal for his invaluable contribution to the field of phlebology and achievements in this area of medicine. The Frings' Clinic uses innovative technologies that allow it to perform up to 250,000 operations per year. The center enjoys high popularity among patients:

  • 85% of patients seek help after being advised by friends who had a positive experience of treatment in this clinic;
  • 98% of patients evaluate the entire range of professional services of the phlebological center as "perfect". The clinic has a laser center, as well as a naturopathy department.

It offers aesthetic and sparing treatment methods with the use of modern medical equipment: laser and radio wave therapy, extraluminal valvuloplasty, as well as non-traditional methods of treatment. To achieve effective aesthetic results, Dr. Frings' phlebology clinic implements authorial programs of infrared exposure to the venous system. This institution will allow each patient to feel the privileges of a truly individual approach thanks to the highly professional work of 160 of its employees. Since 1982, Dr. Frings' center specializes only on venous system disorders. Such a narrow specialization allowed it to become a leader in solving phlebological problems compared to other institutions throughout Germany.

Phlebology Clinic in Pforzheim

The phlebology clinic in Pforzheim is the standard of modern European principles of impeccable quality in the treatment of venous diseases in Germany. The phlebology clinic in Pforzheim has been offering its medical services for more than 20 years. Its founder is a talented phlebologist, expert in vascular surgery, K. Thomas Weiler MD. His authority of a high-class specialist is backed by 15 years of experience. His main activities include: thoracic, cardiac, vascular and endovascular surgery.

Since 2008, Dr. Weiler is considered one of the leading consultant physicians in the multi-profile center of Enzkreis Clinic in Muehlacker. The clinic uses proven treatment methods combined with the latest data in the area of phlebology. Particular attention is paid to the cosmetic and aesthetic aspects of the treatment process. One of the main specializations of the clinic is the sparing endovascular treatment of branch varicosis using the Celon and VNUS methods. Thanks to their effect, patients are able to get rid of venous diseases in less than one day. In addition, the doctors of the center have many years of experience in the field of sclerotherapy, which allows them to treat varicose veins and spider veins.

Venous Center in Freiburg

The Venous Center in Freiburg takes care of the health of its patients' veins and vessels using the most modern methods of diagnosis and treatment. The clinic was founded in 1981 by Dr. Michael Hartmann, a specialist in dermatology, phlebology and plastic surgery.

The leading specialists are working in the clinic offering various methods of treatment of varicose pathology, starting with classical operations for the removal of varicose veins up to endovascular methods, including laser coagulation, radial venous laser obliteration, radio wave therapy, hot steam injections, endovascular catheter obliteration and sclerotherapy.

The clinic also specializes in the diagnosis of the arterial blood circulation disorders of the lower extremities, aesthetic dermatology, as well as diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the rectum.

The venous center relies on the extensive experience in the evaluation and removal of skin tumors and possesses various types of lasers. In addition, the clinic is equipped with an integrated OP unit and conducts first-class outpatient treatment.

Today the clinic utilizes a new minimally invasive laser therapy method with the use of a two-ring radial optical fiber guide (2-Ring ELVeS Radiallaser), which ensures uniform distribution of laser energy through the veins and thus represents an even more sparing method of varicose veins treatment.

German Medical Group is the leader in the organization of treatment in European countries. Tens of thousands of our clients have already been treated in Germany. Working with us, you do not overpay to intermediaries and you are able to count on our full support - assistance in obtaining a visa, interpreter and transfer services.

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