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Short Info About Shoulder Joint Replacement

The German orthopedic centers offer their clients highly technological shoulder joint operations. Shoulder joint is the most mobile joint of the human body; it is most liable to injuries as well. In case of severe damage when therapy or surgery cannot help, an endoprosthesis replacement is employed – placing a bioartificial organ. Surgeries of that nature are conducted by highly qualified German surgeons and the follow-up care allows getting back to fulfilling life.

Joint degeneration can be caused by ageing, bad blood flow, injuries and fractures leading to limitations in motion and even to total loss of hand functions. If no other methods are operable, endoprosthesis replacement is the best alternative.

Before decision making for shoulder surgery and choosing the type of endoprosthesis replacement patients are offered to take diagnostics aiming to determine the amount of degeneration; normally these procedures takes one – two days. The following techniques are used:

  1. X-ray to evaluate present conditions;
  2. Сomputer-aided tomography and magnetic resonance imaging to determine bone tissue conditions;
  3. Electromyography to find out if there are any nervous system disorders.

The orthopedic surgery in Germany aims at minimally invasive methods of joint treatment. Based on the type of treatment and its development, several replacement methods are used.

Modern prosthesis methods allow partial replacement of defected organ providing the rest of it is in good conditions. In such cases the method of surface replacement prosthesis is used allowing full recovery of the condylus keeping sound tissue.

Pinless endoprosthesis

This innovative method allows placing a prosthesis that does not require the pin placement. It can be employed for partially damaged joints providing strong bones permit placing prosthesis with no pin. Most often that kind of surgery is typical for the patients of younger age.

Total shoulder joint replacement

In Germany total shoulder joint replacement is resorted to when partial replacement is impossible to carry out for some reason. In this case a conventional prosthesis is placed, either regular or with glenoid cavity.

Reverse shoulder replacement

This surgery is the most complex; it is employed for repeated prosthesis placing when either foregoing surgery had no success or capsular ligament is damaged and acute tendon disruption takes place. This surgery requires modern dedicated equipment, special materials and perfectly trained specialists. Some of the German clinics use this technology for shoulder joint replacement.

The endoprosthesis centers in Germany offer the whole scope of joint replacement surgeries. Local or general anesthesia can be used for this surgery. Surgery stages may differ, depending on method to be used and type of prosthesis. In most cases shoulder joint replacement in Germany is carried out with the use of endoscopic method requiring top level professionals to do the job. For that very reason a lot of patients make their choice for Germany thanks to the highest level of competency of German surgeons in this field.

Post operative inpatient care lasts 7-10 days. As a rule right after an anesthetic effect is worn off, patient is able to move with no assistance. Physiotherapy starts on the second day after the surgery. After the treatment is over patient has an option to take an after-care course. After-care course for shoulder joint replacement in Germany features an individual approach. The comprehensive program involves services of different specialists. The shoulder joint replacement cost makes up about 15 000-20 000 euro.

We would be glad to find the most comfortable clinic for you to have your shoulder joint treated by the best German specialist!

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