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Meniscus surgery

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Meniscus surgery is one of leading directions in the German orthopedics. The information about clinics that offers the most effective methods of surgery is given below.

Arthroscopy in Germany

Arthroscopy is a new direction in surgery, which has a lot of advantages over old treatment methods, applicable well beyond Germany.

Arthroscopic meniscus surgeries are usually carried out without wide dissection of the joint capsule. In order to gain access to the knee structures a surgeon performs two punctures in the affected area.

Arthroscopic surgeries are often conducted using a special apparatus arthroscope. It is made as a tube, with a camera and a source of light on its end. Arthroscope camera delivers a high-quality image to the screen in front of a doctor. Having big experience in meniscus surgery, a doctor quickly and effectively performs surgery, and finishes it by stitching wounds with several sutures.

After an arthroscopic surgery, patients have fast motor activity volume recovery in the knee. What’s more important the risk of any surgery complications comes to naught.

Arthroscopic surgeries are usually performed under local or general anesthesia. Duration of surgical intervention depends on the meniscus injury degree and the type of a particular surgery.

Structural recovery of joint tissue

Meniscus surgeries are intended to its recovery and are performed for fresh knee injuries. Meniscus recovery is possible only on medical grounds that take into account the time when injury happened and the degree of joint damage.

If meniscus injuries are new and located near good blood circulation areas, the meniscus surgery is carried out using damaged lips stitching.

German clinics use good suture material, which provides healing. The fact that doctors in Germany have a great experience is an advantage of this kind of meniscus surgery, because even when damage is major, German doctors successfully carry out surgeries when other doctors admit defeat.

Meniscus recovery in German clinics is conducted using arthroscopy. Our patients are able to move knee joints the day after the surgery and can easily walk a month later. Full recovery comes in 6 month after interventions on the meniscus.

Meniscus removal

Removal of the meniscus is usually seriously damaged during the surgery. In Germany doctors use sparing treatment approaches. They always try to damage as few as possible healthy knee areas, removing only devitalized tissues. That is why the result after the meniscus surgery, performed by German surgeons, always exceeds expectations.

Removal is performed through the meniscus arthroscopy intervention. In virtue of this a patient recovers quickly and can go home within a few days.

Meniscus Transplantation

Of course, meniscus removal is not the best choice to restore knee function. For this reason Germany clinics carry out the transplantation of this structure. German doctors use natural and artificial time-proved implants. Given that every clinic in Germany yearly conducts thousands of such surgeries, so patients shouldn’t worry about the expertise of their doctors and about meniscus surgeries effectiveness.

Meniscus surgery with natural implant has more favorable outcome, because patients in this case have less rejections. In addition, the natural structure survives better and quickly ensures the normal motor activity in the knee.

Transplantation of synthetic materials that is carried out in Germany is also an extremely effective procedure. Surgical meniscus intervention using arthroscopy fastens favorable regenerative process.

Leading specialists

Arthros clinic, Neu-Ulm

Dr. Dieter Wiest
Dr. Dieter Wiest

“Arthros” clinic carries out such sparing and minimally invasive interventions under experienced doctor Dieter Wiest’s supervision: reconstruction, removal and transplantation of meniscus. Annually the «Arthros» clinic performs around 5000 of such surgeries.

Core directions: apart from meniscus surgery, the clinic conducts chorda replacement surgeries, knee cap, ankle and elbow joints stabilization as well as all kinds of joint prosthetic and arthroscopy.

“Eduardus” orthopedic clinic in Cologne

Prof. MD. Axel Jubel
Prof. MD. Axel Jubel

There are three main departments in our clinic:

  • General Orthopedics and Rheumatology clinic.
  • Sport medicine and Arthroscopy clinic.
  • Traumatology and Reconstructive Surgery clinic.

The main field of expertise includes the following: lower limb prosthetic, upper and lower limb orthopedic, spine surgeries, orthopedic of small structures, hand and foot surgery, arthroscopic types of diagnosis and treatment, endoscopic treatment methods of spinal disc herniation, and meniscus laser obstruction as well. Annually the clinic is visited by more than 100000 patients.

Dr. Hagazi Orthopedic and Trauma Center, Baden-Baden

MD Hatem Hagazy
MD Hatem Hagazy

The clinic mainly majors in physiotherapy and rehabilitation after meniscus and synovial articulation surgeries, as well as endoprosthesis replacement. Various technics that are used in the clinic are aimed to avoid major surgery, or to minimize the amount of injuries.

Field of expertise: herniated disk treatment, trapped syndrome treatment, osteoporosis complex therapy, injured meniscus recovery, arthritis and osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatism and scoliosis treatment.

In cases of meniscus trauma, please contact German Orthopedic clinics for effective and high-quality surgical services. In virtue of modern equipment and highly-qualified doctors all kinds of surgical meniscus treatment can be successfully performed, as well as rehabilitation after surgeries.

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