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Knee replacement surgery

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Knee replacement surgery

In German orthopedic clinics a variety of innovative methods of treatment are applied to treat arthrosis, with the most radical one being a knee replacement surgery. With the help of the complex therapy orthopedic clinics in Germany provide high efficiency of the surgery.

On the pages of our website German medical group, the best clinics in Europe are presented, which offer treatment of such a disease in the field of orthopedics as arthrosis of the knee joint (knee replacement surgery). endoprosthesis replacement (implantation of artificial prostheses) of the knee, shoulder and hip joints. The German orthopedic centers offer the following methods of the arthrosis treatment:

  • endoprosthesis revision after knee replacement
  • Endoscopic joint surgery on the knee and shoulder joint
  • open surgery on the knee, shoulder, hip and ankle joint
  • arthroscopy of the knee joint with the usage of the whole range of arthroscopic techniques (surgery on the meniscus, cartilaginous tissue surgery)
  • endoprosthesis replacement
  • open surgery for knee replacement

Knee repair without cutting the sensitve joint has always been the aim and the desire of the orthopedicians. The realization of this desire has started at the beginning of the 90s. Now it belongs to the very efficient method of knee joint treatment, cruciate ligament, cartilage and meniscus repair. Usually only two small incisions of approximately 3 mm are needed for an arthroscopic operation. Within the arthroscopic procedure the skilled surgeon can assess any damage in the knee joint with the mini camera. The advanced optics used at German orthopedic centers provide the highest precision possible. The cost of such a treatment makes up about 6 000-8 000euro.

However, only the early stages of arthrosis can be treated with the arthroscopic methods. If the knee surgery cannot be avoided, don’t look further than Germany. The German orthopedic surgeons are known all over the world for conducting the most successful knee and hip replacement procedures.

Knee replacement surgery is aimed at replacing the bearing surfaces on artificial implants, which will return motion activity to the limbs. The new parts of the knee are fixed in the femoral bone and shin bone with the help of surgical instruments. In case of the total knee replacement the whole joint is replaced.Together with muscle and other soft tissues the installed implants start to support the axis of the limb, thus restoring its features.

One of the most important components in the treatment of arthritis by means of endoprosthesis is the biocompatibility of an implanted construction with the inner environment of the body. Another important part is age-related changes in the anatomy of the knee joint in men and women. Exactly thanks to such a precautionary approach, his work is appreciated by clients. The German specialists use prostheses, in creation of which the gender differences of the mechanics of the knee joint for the both sexes were taken into consideration. The metal alloy of the medical device includes resistant components: molybdenum, cobalt, and chromium. The sliding surface of the endoprosthesis is made from high-strength plastic material DCM, according to a special pressing technology.

Resurfacing prosthesis are uncoupled prostheses, in which the ligaments of the knee joint are untouched. Partial knee replacement surgery aims at removing the damaged tissue and bone around the knee joint.

Knee replacement surgery

In particularly difficult cases a knee prosthesis replaces the whole joint. A total knee replacement replaces the affected joint with the specially manufactured components, eliminating the damaged bearing surfaces and thus eliminating the source of pain.

After conducting operations (endoprosthesis replacement of different joints, arthroscopy, ligament replacement, operations for restoration of the meniscus and other surgery) the othopedic clinics take a compulsory set of measures for rehabilitation in order to eliminate different effects of the surgical intervention (swelling, pain), and restore the joints.

The average joint replacement cost varies from 9 000 EUR-15 000 EUR and more. The total cost depends on many factors. The price includes, as a rule, an intensive rehabilitation course, guided by an experienced physiotherapist.

According to the Orthopedic Institute in Berlin 98 percent of people who have undergone a knee replacement can stay active and forget about pain. The success rates of knee replacement in Germany are second to none. The safety of the procedure and the accuracy during the knee replacement are achieved due to the modern systems of computer navigation. According to the recent study, the risk of complications is twice as high at the US clinics than in Germany.

Explore Germany for the safe and efficient treatment of knee problems! If you are looking for highly-qualified help of an orthopedist, an experienced surgeon in Germany, then contact our company German medical group. We will help you choose among a wide variety of medical services efficient treatment based on the European quality standards.

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