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Arthroscopic knee surgery

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Arthroscopic knee surgery

German clinics offer innovational, minimally invasive diagnostics and treatment of joint disorders. Arthroscopic surgery (key-hole surgery of the knee) is a minimally invasive method usually done in patients with mild destructive process in the affected joint. It involves removing of fragments and pieces of bone and cartilage in the knee, which are simply washed washed out. Rough surfaces causing Osteoarthritis and inflammation can be made smoother. As the incision in the knee is so small, scarring is minimal and trauma is reduced, giving a consequent reduction in pain and postoperative complication.

Before this surgery a patient signs an informed consent statement for operative treatment and anesthesia. These documents define what kind of anesthesia will be applied during the arthroscopic knee surgery. Small incisions are made on skin, in the area of the knee joint. Microsurgical instruments and microscopic digital camera are inserted via these incisions inside. The surgeon tracks all actions during the surgery or diagnostic procedure on the screen. The image can be magnified up to 60x that gives a surgeon maximally precise picture. Due to the arthroscopic knee surgery it is possible to avoid joint replacement. One more advantage is the ability to leave bed in a few hours instead of a few days as it was before.

  • Anterior cruciate ligament rupture or injury
  • Meniscus injury
  • Debride in the knee joint cavity
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • The existence of unidentified loose bodies in the cavity (cartilage flaps, loose meniscus fragments).
  • Knee arthrosis deformans
  • Liquid accumulation
  • Failed surgeries performed before
  • Joint fractures
  • Chronic fat pad hyperplasia
  • Arthropathy deformans

Diagnostics and treatment of medial and lateral meniscus implies a small skin incision. The damaged meniscus tissue is resected using highly precise miniature instruments. A surgeon does everything possible to avoid the radical meniscus resection. Sometimes the tears are stitched up or fixated by staples. Material they are made of is dissolvable. The stitched meniscus should not be loaded during a few weeks after surgery.

Rehabilitation starts right after the arthroscopic knee surgery. A partial load is allowed almost at once. The preventive therapy for thrombosis lasts a few days (heparin injections). The most of patients gain full shape in a few days, and return to sports training in 2 weeks. It is forbidden to load the knee joint in full after meniscus stitch up or additional surgical treatment of the cartilage. Remedial gymnastics is recommended. The prognosis after arthroscopic knee surgery is very good: in most of cases patients turn back to sports without any problems.

Arthroscopic surgery in crucial ligament injury

Anterior cruciate ligament is the main stabilizer of the knee. Injuries give the feel of instability and uncertainty of moves. Instability and problems in joint mechanics lead to further damage of medial and lateral meniscus and cartilage.

Arthroscopic cruciate ligament surgery provides much less load on the joint compared to the open surgery. The key of success is precise location of bone canals in the initial cruciate ligament structure.

Arthroscopic knee surgery costs approximately 5.600 €. You should plan at least two days of inpatient stay. Complex arthroscopic surgery aimed at fixing meniscal tears costs slightly more: 7.000-8.000 €. Arthroscopic therapy in cartilaginous tissue or cruciate ligament injuries costs 3.500-6.000 €, depending on the amount of damage. Additional diagnostic services such as MRI or CT will cost up to 800 €.

Orthopedic centers provide ability for an accompanying person to stay in one room with a patient, it would cost 55-100 € a night. Our specialists will answer all your questions regarding arthroscopic knee surgery.

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