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Who Needs Joint Replacement Surgery?

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When is joint replacement necessary? Who needs joint replacement? In what cases can the surgery be postponed? These questions are often asked by patients who suffer from joint pain and ощште stiffness. The most common cause, in which the patient has to consider joint replacement, is the advanced form of osteoarthritis (degenerative disease, which causes the cartilage decay) or rheumatoid arthritis (chronic inflammatory disease). In younger patients, a common cause of hip replacement is aseptic necrosis of the femoral head, caused by insufficient blood supply as well as trauma, dysplasia (congenital disorders). The joint (hip or knne joint) needs to be replaced with an artificial one in some severe cases of the immune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis etc.

Thus the main objective of the operation is to remove pain and stop the pathological process which can no longer be managed with the conservative methods of treatment (drugs, physiotherapy). In addition, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may lead to the development of serious complications of the gastrointestinal tract disorders. Chronic administration of steroid drugs for the treatment of rheumatic diseases may cause bone destruction and only worsen the situation.

If for this or that reason the joint replacement is impossible to perform, the specialists in Germany conduct the surgical fixation of joints (it refers to hip, ankle or wrist joints). Such a procedure is called arthrodesis and implies a merging of two bones on both sides of the joint. The operation is that the bone implant or bone is removed from another part of the body and interposed between the two bones to be spliced.

For a tight fit the special metal plates, screws and wires are used. After some time the bones and the joint between them become stronger and more resilient. Moreover, after this operation the pain usually disappears and the life quality improves.

Another alternative is osteotomy arthroplasty - surgical restoration of the normal position of the joint by removing the damaged portion of the bone and tissue with subsequent fixation with titanium screws. The purpose of this operation is to establish joint in a proper position and to help redistribute weight more evenly.

The operation is that the bone implant or bone is removed from another part of the body and interposed between the two bones holding the joint. For a tight fit using special metal plates, screws, wires and special fix constructions are used. After some time the bones which have undergone arthrodesis become tightly connected, so that the joint becomes stronger and more resilient.

If you look for joint replacement surgery or joint condition diagnosis, don’t look further than Germany. More than 600 000 patients each year undergo joint replacement surgery in Germany. The quality of arthroplasty here is second to none. The quality management of joint replacement surgery is performed by the leading German university clinics and state institutions. After surgery, the patient gets a full rehabilitation at affordable price and, as a result, can immediately return to everyday life, and even engage in physical exercise.

If you are unsure, where to carry out the operation of endoprosthesis: in Germany or in one of the local hospitals, some facts in favor of German clinics may persuade you:

Firstly, Germany uses implant materials solely from the most reputable manufacturers. All the materials are thorougly tested. This is extremely important because the quality of the prosthesis is crucial for the successful joint replacement

Secondly, the endoprosthesis in Germany is conducted on the top technical level. With the help of computer technology each patient can get the implant tailored to his/her individual characteristics. Thirdly, joint replacement in Germany is successfully performed for more than four decades, which means that German doctors enjoy the extended experience in carrying out such operations.

Moreover the price for joint replacement surgery is not higher than in the USA or Canada. If you have questions concerning the methods of joint replacement, please do not hesitate to call us.

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