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Joint Replacement Cost

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For your convenience, German Medical Group offers you the most comprehensive information about the best doctors, costs and methods of joint treatment in Germany. We are mostly often asked questions related to joint replacement procedure, and, what is even more crucial, the cost of joint replacement in Germany.

    • Knee and hip joint endoprosthesis (replacement) including patients allergic to metal

A special seven-layer prosthesis has been created for patients allergic to metal. Metal is covered with ceramics and zirconium alloy so that the materials do not come in contact with surrounding tissues. This special prosthesis is also long-lasting and flexible which ensures maximum comfort.

    • Minimally invasive hip joint replacement

There have been developed different techniques of surgical access to hip joint cavity, minimal incision size, muscle and fasciae separation by blunt dissection. All of these make the surgery minimally invasive and, therefore, sparing for the patient.

    • Replacement of knee and hip joint articular surface, radio-synovectomy as an alternative to surgery

Radio-synovectomy is a radiotherapy technique which presupposes intra-articular introduction of a radiopharmaceutical agent containing radionuclides of high-energy beta radiation. The introduced agent is captured through cell phagocytosis of superficial epithelium synovial membrane, which damages functionally active cells favouring the inflammation. As a result, pain is reduced and active inflammation symptoms disappear. The efficiency of radio-synovectomy can be compared to that of surgical treatment, but it is less traumatic, easy to conduct and does not require complex and long-lasting post-operative rehabilitation process.

    • Treatment of infectious joint diseases

Medicamental systemic enzymotherapy is carried out to treat such diseases. If necessary, surgical treatment of pronounced changes in joints and posterior rehabilitation therapy are used.

    • Crucial ligaments repair

This procedure is performed arthroscopically. Broken ligament is kept fixed by a bone fragment up to 2 months since the day of injury. Fixation technique depends on the bone fragment area – the ligament is either suspended or screwed. In case of old lacerations the ligament is replaced with synthetic material.

    • Meniscus surgery

Arthroscopy gives a chance to examine all structures of the damaged joint and to define extent and kind of damage. According to the results it is further decided whether or not to remove the meniscus and put the stitches.

Joint replacement cost

Endoprosthesis replacement is performed only if there is no other method to restore regular joint functioning. Hip joint replacement procedure starts with selecting an appropriate artificial joint as well as accessing patient’s needs and activity level. It is highly important to take into account anatomical peculiarities of the joint and to define patient’s bone tissue state and quality. The cost of the surgery may vary depending on the patient’s condition.

Averge jont replacement costs

Arthroplasty procedures Average surgery cost, EUR
Total hip joint replacement 6.000-9.000,-
Operative exploration in the presence of hip implants (no implant replacement needed) 8.000-11.000,-
Operative exploration in case the hip implant replacement needed 6.000-8.000,-
Total knee joint replacement including computer navigation methods 9.000-15.000
hip joint endoprosthesis, including navigation about 11.000
Hip implant replacement included 13.000,-
Shoulder joint replacement 9.000,-
Ankle joint replacement 7.000-9.000,-
Joint correction Treatment cost, EUR
Axis correction of thigh 9.000,-
Axis correction of lower leg 9.000,-
Correction of hallux malposition (Halluxvalgus) 4.500,-
Joint arthroscopy Treatment cost, EUR
Hip joint arthroscopy (surgery on meniscus included) 4.500,-
Cartilage repair (cartilage transplantation included) 9.000,-
Plastic surgery of anterior or posterior crucial ligament 9.000,-

Experts in pain therapy, physiotherapists and ergotherapists help patients through the rehabilitation process after replacement surgery. The program includes physiotherapy, massage, lymphatic drainage, heating, water gymnastics, and recommendations on diet.

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