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Short Info About Joint Surgery

German clinics perform all kinds of joint surgery: arthroscopic surgery, endoprosthetics etc. According to the statistics, one in three people complains of joint pain. In fact, a lot of factors can cause serious joint pains. Geneticist or metabolic disorder are the possible reasons for joint diseases as well as unhealthy diet, bad ecology, absence of physical exercise and lack of time as an excuse to visit a doctor.

Flexible and mobile joints often characterize young healthy body. Unfortunately, joints tend to age with time and, as a result, start troubling potential patients. Oftentimes, chronic pain and joint stiffness are the reasons why people have to deny themselves many leisure activities. One would think that only simple household activities cause difficulties. However, these problems are usually secondary symptoms to some other diseases. Therefore, if a patient has some kind of discomfort or crunching, he should visit a doctor as soon as possible to resolve the problems by using minimally invasive practices. Annually German clinics carry out just over 500 000 joint surgeries.

As an example of an excellent orthopaedic center serves the Orthopaedic department GKH in Bonn

This innovative clinic carries out such difficult surgeries as endoprosthesis replacement and arthroscopy with hi-tech medical equipment using best practices and scientific breakthroughs of modern medicine.

Arthropathy (minimal invasive surgery)

Arthritis and arthrosis are the most widespread diseases, according to German doctors. Arthritis usually occurs as inflammatory process and cartilage degradation. Against the background of arthritis, a patient may suffer from pain, fever and dependent edema. Arthrosis progresses articular cartilage deformation and influences on adventitious osseous tissue. Infectious processes, pathological injury and trauma changes are the extensive reasons for such kind of diseases.

Accumulation of liquid or salt that are injuring cartilaginous tissue from inside are quite frequent cases of these diseases. Sometimes joints degenerate so rapidly and seriously that surgeries are inevitable.

Diagnostics and surgery

Germany professionals provide various approaches to joint surgery. For instance, such progressive German hospitals as GKH clinic in Bonn carries out truly complicated shoulder joint surgeries. Apart from stabilization and reduction of incomplete dislocation this clinical hospital also recovers damaged shoulder tendon. Removing joint salt and calcium is a compulsory procedure for getting rid of arthrosis and arthritis.

Arthroscopic surgery

One of the most efficient ways to diagnose joint diseases in Germany is arthroscopy. The key idea is the following: doctors in Germany investigate an appropriate joint from inside using a special device which is called an arthroscope that holds a micro- camera and spotlight for better vision. Arthroscope allows both diagnosing and curing diseases. For example, surgeries with arthroscope are carried out in this way: firstly, there is a small cut where a doctor inserts programmed chip that manages a joint from the inside. Such minimal invasive surgeries can be executed on knee, shoulder, hip, etc. Some arthroscopic surgeries can be performed out patiently as well. Clinical hospital GKH in Germany has about 2500 surgeries using an arthroscope.

Endoprosthesis surgery

Unfortunately, a lot of patients seek professional medical surgery when a disease is on its advanced stage, forcing doctors to resort to immediate invasive procedures. Damaged joint endoprosthesis replacement surgery is carried out for over 40 years at the clinical center of GKH, Bonn.

Highly qualified surgeons in Germany (surgery center) perform endoprosthesis procedures on coxofemoral and knee joints as well as shoulder and finger bones. These doctors in Germany use the newest biological implants which structure is very similar to cartilaginous tissue during injured articular replacement. Tendon and ligament prosthetics are traditionally performed using polymeric materials that are very elastic and firm at the same time. Currently, there are three articular replacement approaches in medicine: the external part of hip joint replacement; incomplete joint prosthesis insertion and complex joint prosthetic repair (joint surgery).

Depending on the complexity of a particular case surgeries, usually last from half an hour to four hours. Such surgery is performed under general and also spinal anesthesia. Our clinic has the newest anesthetic drugs that allow excluding the negative impact caused by anesthesia. Any surgery is carried out in Germany with minimal surgical interference taking into account personal characteristics of patients. During the surgery our qualified and experienced doctors use the foremost approaches and advanced knowledge that help a patient to tolerate the surgical surgery uneventfully and recover within a short time (See more about surgery recover period).

Don’t put your surgery away for later. Contact one of our clinics listed on the website — learn the advantages and efficiency of modern joint surgery approaches!

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