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Partial hip replacement surgery

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Partial hip replacement (Hip resurfacing, or articular surface replacement) is a great alternative to conventional total endoprosthesis. Many young people often face the problem of premature wearing of hip joint which declares itself through pain and may lead to incapacitation.

Premature joint aging in young people can be caused by various factors, for example, by hereditary hip joint deformation, blood flow disorder during physical growth or in adulthood, consequences of accidents, excess weight, different kinds of inflammation, predisposition to disease of cartilaginous tissue, etc.

In this case, there is a reasonable solution to this problem: young, active people are offered resurfacing surgery in Germany. A special type of endoprosthesis was created in 1980s in Britain – it replaces only the surface of femoral head and coxal cavity joints. It also secures that interacting metal surfaces of prosthesis are fitting.

Polymer materials prevent superficial endoprosthesis from wearing, and fully imitated anatomical ratio of hip joint makes it stable and reliable. As much bone stock as possible is saved, which allows conducting and considerably simplifying revision prosthesis transplantation surgeries, thus in Germany resurfacing surgeries are preferably chosen for young people. After successful prosthesis implantation patients are able not only to move around without pain, but also do sports.

Nowadays there are various techniques of joint resurfacing in Germany:

  • Resurfacing surgery in Germany according to Mc Minn or Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR)
  • Partial fumeral head replacement in Germany according to Mc Minn or Birmingham Mid Head Resection

This method has a distinctive feature: during this surgery only destructive joint surfaces are separated, while fumeral head and neck are left intact. Fumeral head is covered with a so-called metal cap made of cobalt, chrome and molybdenum alloys. Partial hip replacement (Resurfacing) surgery in Germany is a way to avoid extensive surgery
Partial hip replacement (Resurfacing surgery) in Germany according to Mc Minn: main advantages of resurfacing surgery compared to conventional protheses:

  • Resurfacing does not affect leg and hip muscles length
  • Feels like a natural joint
  • Anatomical size of the implant maintains natural range of motions and reduces dislocation frequency
  • Natural load distribution on thigh and hip bones and femoral head prevents bones from deformation and destruction
  • Resurfacing allows to keep paraarticular tissues of hip bone and creates best possible conditions for repeated replacement
  • Resurfacing does not require massive removal of bone material
  • Metal-metal sliding pair is totally wear-resistant

Sometimes considerable loss of femoral head substance is found in patients, whose age and physical training conditions make them perfect for resurfacing surgeries, but this defect, of course, is fraught with risk. Until lately it was impossible to conduct this surgery in such patients. Thanks to partial fumeral head replacement or mid head resection available in German clinics, such patients with considerable loss of bone stock now have a chance to get back to normal everyday life. Partial fumeral head prostheses are short and conic cementless titanium nails which are fixed in the lower segment of fumeral head and neck. Medullary canal of hip bone is not opened.

  • Large cysts in fumeral head as indication for partial hip replacement
  • Partial atrophy of fumeral head (avascular necrosis of fumeral head)
  • Dysplasia and deformations of fumeral head and neck. Advanced form of inflammatory arthrosis causing tissue loss

Resurfacing surgery/ partial hip replacement in Germany is an effective and sparing form of joint replacement. Orthopedic clinics of Germany are among the best in the world offering joint surgeries. Doctors of our orthopedic department in Germany have great experience and are highly competent. This, together with clinic’s world-standard technical equipment, allows them to conduct such kind of surgeries. The cost of partial hip replacement makes up about 10 000-10 000 euro.

Another important aspect is that our clinic collaborates with different research institutes which share their new achievements and designs of joint implants with us. Institute specialists whose work is aimed at improvement of existing implants and creating new types of them try to make them more reliable and also find new methods of joint replacement surgeries.

We will do everything to restore full functioning of your joints!

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