Keratoconus Treatment

One of thousand people faces keratoconus eye disease, a serious disorder that affects the structure of cornea making it thin and cone-like. It is usually diagnosed in youth and reaches its peak to 30 years.

Causing structural changes, this disease affects vision and increases sensitivity to light. When progressing, it affects ability to print, write and drive cars. The reasons for cornea keratoconus are unknown, supposedly, it may be caused by negative environmental conditions and genetics. Corneal disease (keratoconus) affects people of all nationalities and sexes, being more widespread among some ethnic groups like South Asians.


Most people suffering from keratoconus disease complain about decreasing of acuity, poor night vision, experiencing problems when trying to focus. Some patients face photophobia, itching and strain in eyes when reading. Keratoconus and eye pain are not interconnected – most patients have no, or little pain with such diagnosis.

If a person wants to improve vision, or at least not to lose it, treatment for keratoconus is obligatory. On the initial stages, wearing of lenses may be enough – it helps to drive and read. When the disease progresses, thinning of cornea in keratoconus increases, and more drastic measures are required. In this case, keratoconus surgery is the only way out. Such a complicated manipulation is performed not in all clinics, and if you don’t know where to undergo operation, choose German Medical Group.

Why keratoconus eye disease treatment in Germany is better?

If you are a European, do not rush to travel far to get professional medical help. There are at least six reasons to prefer German clinics:

  1. Keratoconus cure in Germany is 30-50% cheaper than in the USA.
  2. Besides, you can save on plane tickets. Just compare: tickets from France to New York cost about $500, while flight from Paris to Berlin is worth less than $90!
  3. German Medical Group helps its customers to figure out an optimal place for treatment and finds qualified specialists to ensure 100% result.
  4. Residents of Europe do not need Visa to enter Germany.
  5. Doctors can speak English, so patients can visit clinic without interpreter.
  6. German medicine uses advanced methods in treatment for keratoconus: modern laser units are applied, corneal transplants for keratoconus are produced of high-quality durable composite materials. Intacs are implanted in cornea to stop disease progression. Cross-linking therapy helps to improve vision and reduce symptoms, accelerating recovery.

Do not doubt: the quality of medical services is top-notch! A high success rate of corneal transplant invasion proves professionalism and rich experience of surgeons.

No matter what clinic is recommended by German Medical Group, you can be sure to get maximum care and attention while curing keratoconus eye condition. Patients are supplied with comfortable clean chamber that is attended by personnel as often as needed. Individual approach allows diagnosing correctly and quickly. Rehabilitation techniques contribute to faster recovery and diminish complications after surgeries. Moreover, patients can order additional services.

German Medical Group does its best to offer top-quality medical services for patients from entire Europe. Modern methods of German laser medicine ensure risk-free treatment and brilliant results. We guarantee perfect services for optimal prices!

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