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Eye Diseases

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The highly efficient treatment of the eye disorders is offered by the team of 31 doctors, led by Prof. Dr. Arnd Gandorfer, M. D. The cataract surgery and intravitreous medical therapies, lens replacement and retinal transplantation are only the few medical interventions carried out in Friedrichshafen.

Such diseases as cаtaract, glаucoma, trachomа and some others are usually detected by high-frequency ultrasound biomicroscopy and laser tomography even at early stages.

Retina and corneа problems can also be identified by virtue of electroretinography and keratography. Many of diseases are generally treated in a surgical way. Surgical eyesight recovery is the main activity of the ophthalmic Clinic in Germany.

Lens implantation

Eye diseases

A huge number of patients resort to our ophthalmological Center in Germany in the reason to treat cataract. Lens replacement in case of this diagnosis is carried out with a help of aphakic (foldable) lenses. Replacement of lens in Germany conducted by using foldable intraocular lenses is an advanced, effective and the only method of a cataract treatment. This method is demonstrated successful results in myopia (shortsightedness), presbyopia (age-related long-sightedness) and hypermetropy (long-sightedness) therapies.

Lens replacement in Germany means the following surgical actions:

  • A patient gets a local anesthesia for eye surgery.
  • Eyelids are expanded with a help of a special fixator to provide free access.
  • A lateral micro-incision gets done on the ophthalmic surface which length doesn’t exceed 2 mm.
  • A supersonic apparatus pavilion is plunged into the injured eye lens through a minimally invasive incision.
  • An ultrasonic impulse of a particular intensity usually destroys the structure of a native lens, converting it into an emulsion. Created emulsion is promptly and completely withdrawn from the eye chamber.
  • Empty space is replaced an eye implant. The incision is healed itself without any suturing.

This technique is called phacoemulsification. All surgery actions are absolutely unpainful and take approximately 10-15 minutes.
Friedrichshafen’s diagnostic and treatment center provides anterior and posterior chamber aphakic lenses and has a formidable experience in the installation. The multifocal aphakic lenses are popular in our clinic. Lens replacement with such lenses provides excellent vision abilities. Several optical zones are common for multifocal aphakic lenses that help people’s eyes quickly and dynamically adjusting during objects contemplation at different distances.

Eye diseases: Cataract and glaucoma treatment

Cataract leads to lens intransparency, which has a fatal effect on vision. Modern surgical methods help to restore the eyesight. Among the safest and softest methods of cataracta treatment is phacoemulsificationSuch eye disease as glaucoma at its advanced stages may turn into blindness.
Glaucoma occurs due to higherocular hypertension. The main therapeutic aim in case of glaucoma is to reduce the intraocular tension. One of the ways to achieve this is: trabeculectomy. The main goal of this operation includes trabecular tissue division which results in a new intraocular fluid drainage canal creation.

Another glaucoma treatment option includes laser trabeculoplasty. This procedure is one of the safest and effective glaucoma treatment methods. Trabeculoplasty can be applied to different glaucoma forms and stages. The surgery doesn’t have any damaging action on eye tissues.

There are many more innovative methods to treat glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment and other problems. For more information, please call us.

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