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Cataract Treatment

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Our site offers a list of German clinics, specializing in the field of ophthalmology and refractive surgery, with the range of services covering the treatment of such common diseases as cataract and glaucom.

As an example, we describe the activity of only one ophthalmic center. This should give you only brief information about the field of expertise of a modern eye center in Germany and the methods of cataract treatment

A well-known Clinic of refractory and ophthalmic surgery (cataract treatment) in Duisburg offers an accurate diagnosis and quality treatment of any type of disease of the entire anterior segment of the eye. The institution has an international certification DIN (approx. Deutsches Institut für Normung – German Institute for Standardization): ISO, which indicates the high quality and safety of services that are provided here. It is worth saying, that the clinic serves more than 12,000 patients a year, who come here even from abroad, having heard about the high quality surgery and, above all, about the masterly treatment of cataract.

Dr. Marc Thomalla is a medical director of the clinic. He began his career in the early 90s as a specialist in ophthalmology and has held since that time more than 28,000 surgical procedures. He is a member of various international and national associations (for example, ASCRS, BVA, ESCRS, KRC, VRI, AAO, DGII), the author of scientific papers and textbooks, among other things, Dr. Thomalla doesn’t stop studies relating to laser therapy, thanks to which doctors began using femtosecond laser for the treatment of cataracts.

In this medical center all kinds of treatment are introduced strictly in quality management.

The field of expertise:

  • Surgery to remove cataracts and glaucoma;
  • Conservative cataract tretment
  • Diseases of the retina and retinal detachment;
  • Injuries and diseases of the cornea;
  • Strabismus (children and adults);
  • Ametropia (farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism);
  • Cosmetic problems century.

In addition to the standard range of services in the field of ophthalmology, we also offer:

  • Selection of contact lenses;
  • The expert’s conclusion (eg. for a driving license);
  • Laser therapy after recurring cataract, glaucoma, retinal diseases, (solid-state laser YAG, SLT – Selective trabekuloplasty, ALA – automated lamellar keroplastic);
  • Optical biometry;
  • Orthoptic office;
  • Perimetry;
  • Surveying for suitability to work before the monitor according to the rules of safety and health branch of the Association of insurance companies. (37 F);
  • Certificate about the state of applicants for a driver’s license in all categories;
  • Early diagnosis of glaucoma;
  • Methods of laser vision correction “LASIK”, “PRK”, “Epi – Lasik”, “LASEK”;
  • The method of wave-front
  • Cataract treatment

If you have questions or you would like to apply for treatment, please contact the clinic. We would be glad to consult you on modern methods of eye diseases treatment. Our website features information on a the best German ophthalmic centers, such as Landshut eye center, Sehkraft in Cologn, Augenlaser Team in Munich and many others. All of them are real specialists in cataract treatment.

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