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Short Info About Treatment of Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is a malignant tumor developing in renal collecting system (adenocarcinoma) or in kidney parenchyma (hypernephroma). This is tenth the most wide spread kind of cancer in the world. Lately a lot of innovations were developed and implemented in the treatment of kidney cancer in Germany.

The diagnostics starts with anamnesis collection and examination by a nephrologist, followed by a range of diagnostic procedures. They depend on doctor’s direction and include:

  • Laboratory urine and blood analysis (general and specific);
  • Abdominal cavity ultrasound. It helps to detect the tumor location, assess the condition of vessels responsible for kidney blood supply. A liver is checked for metastases.
  • Computer or magnetic resonance imaging. CT scan requires the injection of contrast agent. This test helps in tumor growth assessment, vessels and lymph nodes condition, presence of metastases. Contrast injection is prohibited in kidney failure. That is why CT is replaced by MRI.
  • PET-CT. This method allows defining the exact location of cancer tumor and all metastases in the body.
  • Angiography. It helps to define the tumor limits and detect vessels that supply it with blood.
  • Scintigraphy. A strictly dozed amount of radionuclides is injected into the body with further analysis of how kidneys export them.
  • Biopsy. This traditional method implies taking the samples of material (cancer tissues, cells) on histology and cytology. The cost of biopsy in Germany starts at 2000 Euro.

The major kind of kidney cancer treatment in Germany is surgery. If the cancer was diagnosed on the early stage, an endoscopic surgery can be applied. It helps to remove the tumor preserving the kidney. If this method cannot be applied, the doctors have to perform the total nephrectomy, resecting the affected kidney together with the nearby metastases.

There are other methods of kidney cancer treatment that can be applied as a part of adjuvant or palliative therapy or independently.
A traditional method of kidney cancer treatment is chemotherapy. However, doctors in Germany use it only in cases when other kinds of therapy are ineffective, applying the newest, maximally sparing medications.

Beam-therapy (remote, invasive) is a relatively new treatment method of tumor therapy with proven efficiency.

Chemical ablation implies the targeted injection of etanol (acetic acid in specific cases) for destroying metabolism in the cancer cells.

RF ablation is used in small tumors (up to 3 cm). High-frequency alternate current affects the tumor via an electrode inserted inside. Malignant cells begin to “boil” and die.

Cryoablation implies the injection of liquid hydrogen into the tumor. Then it is frozen and unfrozen alternatively that damages its structure.

Immune therapy also shows good results (Interleukin-2, Alpha-interferon). Doctors in Germany also apply cancer treatment by antibodies.


The cost of kidney cancer treatment and diagnostics can reach 5000 Euro. The price is calculated from costs of procedures similar to all clinics in Germany. The final cost of the treatment is displayed in the invoice given to a patient after hospital discharge.

We will consult you about all aspects of kidney cancer treatment in Germany, will help to solve different formalities and process documents.

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