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Skin Cancer Treatment

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Cancer is a disease that can take different forms depending on its stage and location. In order to get rid of it, you should act rationally, applying for professional assistance. Today skin cancer treatment in Germany show highly efficient results, allowing patients to return a normal, healthy lifestyle.

To provide maximal effectiveness of skin cancer treatment it is highly important to diagnose the disease type correctly. To identify the form of skin cancer, specialists in Germany apply different diagnostic procedures. As human skin is accessible for direct inspection and taking the biomaterial for lab tests, usually doctors prescribe biopsy. Also isotopic examination is used for this purpose, while ultrasonic scan and computer tomography help to detect possible damages of inner organs.

Skin cancer treatment is performed quickly and efficiently, especially if a person came to ф clinic right after noticing the first changes in birthmarks.

Before seeing a doctor you can identify the disease by the following symptoms:

  • Asymmetry. If birthmark part is increased or begins to grow, you should consult a dermatologist.
  • Blunt-edged birthmarks. Notches or blurred edges can point at the birthmark canceration that means high risk of melanoma development.
  • Unnatural color. If the birthmark has a strange color, you should consult a doctor, especially if the birthmark is red or blue.
  • The size. If the diameter of the newly appeared birthmark is more than 6 mm, it can be a developing melanoma. The treatment must be started as soon as possible to reduce the risk of complications.

In order to define a diagnosis more precisely, you should consult a dermatologist. Specialists in German clinics will perform all required tests to define the cancer type and stage. Skin cancer treatment in Germany is performed quickly and efficiently. Be ready to submit tests and give a sample of your birthmark tissue for proper analysis, when you come to a doctor.

Different methods of removing malignant skin tumors are applied in German clinics. As a rule, they are used in complex, and the most effective one is surgery.

With the aim of highly qualified dermatologists and surgeons it is possible to resect even the smallest tumors before they begin to grow actively and spread metastases through the blood. German surgeons offer a few types of surgeries for skin cancer treatment.

Laser surgery

Using the newest equipment it is possible to remove any tumor including melanoma. Skin cancer treatment can include chemotherapy or medication therapy to deactivate the tumor development and prevent metastases.

Laser surgery is highly efficient, as it allows removing the tumor by burning out the tissue on the required depth. Such skin cancer treatment becomes possible with the aim of experienced, highly qualified doctors who can precisely define the required depth of laser dissection.

Traditional surgery in skin cancer treatment

A scalpel together with magnifying equipment is applied rather often. This method is recommended in cases when the tumor is located in zones with high risk of complications or where it is impossible to apply laser. A surgical method is the major one for the treatment of skin cancer at any stage. After thorough diagnostics, defining the location depth and other features of melanoma an experienced surgeon can, fully dissect the cancerous tissue.

If melanoma has already affected lymph glands, it is reasonable to apply excessive dissection. Such surgery is wider than a standard one. The advanced stages of skin cancer require a complex of surgeries.

Such surgery implies layer-by-layer resection of the damaged skin fragments. Each dissected layer is passed to laboratory for analysis. This way it is possible to define a depth of melanoma ingrowth and dissect all layers that contain cancerous cells. This is highly complicated treatment method that requires special skills and experience from a surgeon.

On the advanced stages skin cancer treatment requires radiotherapy to prevent the diffusion of cancerous cells into bone structures. Chemotherapy helps to prevent metastases development, while immune therapy helps to strengthen health and prevent the disease relapse.

If you want to undergo skin cancer diagnostics and treatment in Germany and looking for proper specialists, please contact us. We will help you to find an excellent oncology surgeon.

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