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Liver Cancer Treatment

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Oncologic diseases are accepted by many people as a death sentence. But it is far from truth. Today’s medicine in Germany offers progressive and efficient treatment methods, high-tech medical equipment, excellent professionalism of specialists who can successfully manage pathologies that yesterday were considered as incurable. Liver cancer treatment is not an exception. Liver cancer is the 5th most popular malignant disease in the world. More than 250 000 people are diagnosed liver cancer every year. This disease is met twice more often in men.

The following aspects influence the pathologic development:

  • liver cirrhosis;
  • Non-efficient treatment of hepatitis B and C;
  • Hemochromatosis;
  • Female birth control medications;
  • Anabolics, steroids;
  • Smoking;
  • Chronic alcoholism;

Initially liver cancer has weak symptoms, and with the pathology development the clinical picture becomes clearer. A patient with such a disease may experience:

  • Absence of appetite;
  • Significant body weight loss;
  • General weakness;
  • Sickness and heaves;
  • Bloatedness and heaviness in abdomen;
  • Short wind;
  • Defecation disorders;
  • Pain syndrome on the right side;
  • Hepatomegalia (large organ mass);
  • Biliousness;
  • Rise of temperature.

Diagnostic procedures are aimed at getting maximum information about the patient’s condition, the tumor peculiarities, metastases existence and location, and other factors that help to choose maximally efficient therapy. These procedures include:

  • Laboratory tests;
  • Alfa-fetoprotein;
  • specific markers;
  • Biopsy;
  • Angiography for analyzing vessels that feed cancer cells;
  • Laparoscopy: a specialist can study the tumor features via a camera and get material for cytological test;
  • Ultrasonic scan;
  • Contrast 3D layer-by-layer tomography:
    • Magnetic resonance;
    • Computer;
  • PET-CT

Day by day medicine in Germany evolves, and innovational, maximally efficient and sparing treatment methods are implemented. The treatment includes a few methods:

Surgical treatment

Operative intervention is the most effective way to fight the liver cancer tumor. Lobectomy is a resection of an unperceivable part of liver together with the tumor.Hemihepatectomy is an amputation of the major liver part. There is left and right hemihepatectomy.

Liver transplantation treatment

The transplantation of a donated organ is the only efficient way to fight a severe form of liver cancer. Getting donated material is possible in two ways:

  • Liver of the dead donor
  • Liver of the living donor

In some period of time after the transplantation the liver gains 80-85% of its nominal weight. By the moment the liver becomes fully functional, its work is supported by artificial liver apparatus.

Chemotherapy threatment

Health aids that destroy cancer cells are injected or taken in pills. Besides, chemotherapeutic agents are injected right into the liver with the aim of a catheter.

Radiotherapy and radiosurgery treatment

Radiation exposure is used for destroying the tumor or reducing its size before the surgery or after it for final inhibition of cancerous cells.
Cyber-Knife, the newest method of extra-precise exposure is used for removing metastases.


This procedure implies selective inner beaming. Tiny radioactive balls are inserted into the malignant tumor via catheter. Then Yttrium-90 active agent radiumizes the tumor from the inside during a few days destroying it.

Proton therapy

Maximally precise effect on cancerous cells without damaging healthy tissues is provided by proton therapy. Protons pass through the healthy cells on a high speed and gives out energy only at the breaking moment in the tumor.

Ethanol injection

This method requires the injection of 96% ethanol under ultrasonic control with the help of a special needle. If the result is positive, the procedure can be repeated. Big tumors (above 5 cm in size) require bigger doses. Ethanol treatment is conducted under narcosis.

Thermal (radiofrequency) ablation

In thermal ablation the needle is inserted into the tumor and a laser beam is emitted. It burns out the tumor without injuring healthy tissues. The radiofrequency ablation implies the same procedure with an electrical generator instead of laser.


Cryo treatment of liver cancer is performed by affecting the tumor by low temperatures. Liquid nitrogen is injected via cryoprobe into the tumor, destroying the cancer cells.

Transcatheter embolization

This method is used for the therapy of unresectable tumors. Lipodiol with cytostatic is injected into the tumor. Then the tumor arteries are embolized that leads to the inhibition of tumor.

The treatment in the leading German clinics is performed with using the newest technologies and high-tech equipment. Our specialists will help you to fight this serious disease!

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