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Gallbladder cancer treatment in Germany, as well as in other countries, presupposes, in the first place, eliminating the consequences of damaged cells affecting the body and also removing abnormal malignant cells.

Fever, painful sensations and fatigue are the first manifestations of gallbladder cancer. The initial stage of the disease is sluggish, that is why people rarely pay attention to the first symptoms. One of the typical signs is induration. The liver is expanding, and you can feel nodules if you palpate it. In the neglected form of the disease patient suffers from anemia.

It can be difficult to diagnose the disease because, at first, there are almost no symptoms, and painful sensations are thought to be connected with different illnesses. Gallbladder cancer treatment in Germany begins with comprehensive extensive diagnostics, including such examinations as: ultrasound, CAT, radiography, tomography, etc. Relying on data received during diagnostic examinations doctors determine which treatment plan will be the most suitable in each case.

  • Ultrasound examination allowing to evaluate the condition of organs and tissues
  • The patients undergoes liver function test. It detects the number of elements produced by the liver in blood cells. In case their number is highly elevated, there is a good reason to start gallbladder cancer treatment.
  • It is necessary to measure the level of CEA and conglutination reaction 19-9. Elevated level indicates the development of the disease.
  • CAT images of the body are made at different angles. Special substance is injected to make the image clearer.
  • Biochemical blood examination is also required. In case of any declinations it is necessary to conduct more detailed examination.
  • X-ray allows receiving images of body organs and defining their current condition.
  • To detect the damage of bone tissue it is necessary to conduct an MRI. Images can be viewed on the computer or on film.
  • hCG allows examining biliary ducts and liver. Special substance is injected into the liver through a thin needle.

The result of gallbladder cancer treatment depends on many factors:

  • Stage of the disease; whether it has disseminated to other organs and tissues
  • Type of the disease. It can be defined by microscopy of the abnormal cells
  • Possibility to surgically eradicate the tumour.

Determining the method of gallbladder cancer treatment depends not only on general well-being, but also on the patient’s age and presence of metastasis in other organs.

There are three kinds of abnormal cell dissemination over the body:

  • Extending to surrounding tissues
  • Moving through lymphatic channels. Abnormal cells extend to other organs through the vessels.
  • Moving together with blood flow. It can result in metastasis and secondary tumour.

Degrees and treatment of gallbladder cancer:

  • Superficial carcinoma. Abnormal cells are found in the mucic of the bladder. But they can transform, thus damaging healthy tissues.
  • Second stage. In this case a malignant growth develops damaging the mucic or extending further to connective tissues
  • There are two forms of the second stage. The first form is dissemination of growths to the tissue surrounding gallbladder and other organs. In case of the second form abnormal cells damage the muscles.
  • At the third stage cancer can affect blood vessels of the liver and surrounding organs.
  • The fourth stage of cancer is the most serious – the disease affects even distant tissues and organs.

Treatment of the disease depends on a few factors, but the basic one is the stage of the disease.

Among conventional methods of treatment are the following:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation sensitizers
  • Radiation treatment
  • Surgical operation.

As for chemotherapy treatment of gallbladder cancer, medication destroying the abnormal cells is used.

Radiation sensitizers are a kind of medicine increasing the body’s response to irradiation, thus enhancing its efficiency.

Radiation treatment is conducted with radio-frequency radiation which destroys the abnormal cells. The type of therapy is defined by form and severity of the disease.

Surgical operation is considered to be one of the most efficient methods and is widely used. During the surgery the gallbladder and surrounding tissues are removed. If necessary, surrounding lymph nodes can also be removed. A special device with a built-in camera is used for such surgical operations.

Clinics of Germany offer high-quality treatment of gallbladder cancer. Experienced and knowledgeable experts perform surgeries with skill and diligence, while modern equipment allows diagnosing the disease at its early stages which increases the efficiency of surgical operations. Clinics we are collaborating with are known for their high-skilled staff and high-technology equipment. All these aspects considerably increase the chances of speedy recovery.

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Treatment of localized gallbladder cancer may include the following: Surgery to remove the gallbladder and some of the tissue around it. Part of the liver and nearby lymph nodes may also be removed. Radiation therapy with or without chemotherapy may follow surgery. 2019-04-23 Gallbladder Cancer Treatment
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