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The treatment of esophageal cancer in Germany is oriented at full abolition of this disease or significant relief of the pain syndrome. Success and effectiveness of the treatment mainly depends on how early a patient applied for medical assistance.   - German Medical Group Team -
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Expert Opinion: Esophageal Cancer Treatment

The treatment of esophageal cancer in Germany is oriented at full abolition of this disease or significant relief of the pain syndrome. Success and effectiveness of the treatment mainly depends on how early a patient applied for medical assistance.

The treatment approach that a doctor will choose for a specific patient depends on the tumor location. According to it there are two major types of this disease:

  • epidermoid cancer;
  • adenocarcinoma.

In the first type of this disease the tumor is located in the upper part of esophagus. To remove it a surgeon needs to open the thoracic cavity for getting the full access to the tumor.

In second case there is no need in opening the thoracic cavity, as the tumor is located in the lower part of esophagus. That is why laparotomy is applied (incising the abdominal wall).

Treatment of esophageal cancer in German clinics is mainly based on the operative intervention. The surgery is recommended in cases when there are no metastases. The tumor is dissected together with the damaged esophagus fragment that is replaced by a special prosthesis. If the tumor was spread on the nearby organs, sometimes its partial or total resection is recommended.

In many cases patients are prescribed radiotherapy that affects the organ and the tumor by X-radiation. As a rule, doctors apply this kind of therapy before the surgery to reduce the tumor size. Esophageal cancer treatment by beam therapy can be indicated after a surgery to avoid the disease relapse.

Radiotherapy is often combined with chemotherapy that implies the injection of medications that damage cancerous cells.

Brachytherapy is also used for the treatment of esophageal cancer in Germany. Radioactive capsules are installed inside the esophagus near the tumor, damaging cancer cells.

German medical centers that provide esophageal cancer treatment follow this basic principles in their work:

  • productivity (aiming at achieving the final result)
  • effectiveness (more than 95% of patients have fully recovered);
  • professionalism (doctors and medical personnel of the clinics are high-class professionals);
  • responsibility (medical personnel is fully responsible for the therapy process, warning patients about all possible risks of esophageal cancer relapse);
  • personification (the doctor selects individual approach to each patient based on the diagnosis, diagnostic results and psychological condition);
  • preciseness (diagnostic method used in German medical centers are recognized as the most precise);
  • guarantee of quality.

Following these principles in esophageal cancer therapy helps to achieve significant results in rather short period of time.

Esophageal cancer treatment is a difficult professional task even for experienced oncologists. That is why before starting the therapy a patient needs to be sure that the medical center has all required documents and certificates for providing such treatment, consult people who have already undergone esophageal cancer treatment there.

German clinics have a range of advantages:

  • All hospitals and centers feature high-tech equipment that allows performing the most complicated surgeries successfully.
  • Medications used during the treatment correspond to all modern standards and are the most efficient among others.
  • Doctors and medical personnel is properly educated and experienced in esophageal cancer treatment.
  • Individual approach is applied to patients both during the treatment and recovery stages.
  • The interior of medical centers and friendly personnel help to forget that a patient undergoes esophageal cancer treatment: we do our best to create positive atmosphere to support the psychological mood of each patient.

Health professionals in Germany pay much attention not only to surgical treatment of esophageal cancer, but also to post-surgery and rehabilitation period. They develop the system of recovery measures individually to restore the physiological functions of the organism and returning a patient into his common social environment. A special diet is developed for each patient, and specialists provide proper psychological assistance.

Due to high level of modern medicine development oncologic diseases like esophageal cancer are no longer a sentence. If you face such disease and look for a qualified specialist, we will be happy to help you to find the proper clinic.

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