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Colon cancer treatment

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Colon cancer is one of the most dangerous malignant diseases. This disease has no specific age limits: it can affect both young and senior people. However, according to statistics, most often colon cancer is diagnosed in people at the age of 55-75 years old. The treatment of this disease is a complex process that requires high qualification of medical personnel and the best diagnostic, surgical equipment. These resources are available in German clinics

Such tumor in the bowel can develop as a result of:

  • systematic improper feeding, especially with excess intake of fatty meat products cooked with a lot of butter;
  • nicotine and alcohol addiction;
  • genetic predisposition to such kind of tumors.

The scientists haven’t ascertained the fact that the ecological situation, ultraviolet radiation and infections cause colon cancer development. Correctly balanced diet with the intake of vegetable fiber can be recommended as a preventive treatment for colon cancer. Vegetable fiber improves and supports the bowel functioning, normalizes its microflora and reduces the concentration of fatty acids that destabilize the colon walls.
Colon cancer doesn’t develop rapidly. The appearance of a malignant tumor can take months or even years. The disorders may appear either in one of genes responsible for cells division or in a few genes at once.

The most obvious symptoms that can point at colon cancer development include:

  • a patient may feel that after defecation his bowel was not emptied completely;
  • there can be different intestinal disorders: bloatedness, liquid stool or costiveness;
  • bloody issues or mucus in fecal matters;
  • a palpable tumor in abdomen region;
  • overall health condition worsening like weight loss, weakness, anemia.

In order to diagnose colon cancer, a range of tests is usually taken. It must include X-ray imaging to detect cancerous tumors and other pathologic changes caused by colon cancer.

An efficient method of colon cancer diagnostics offered in Germany is colonoscopy. A gastroenterologist inserts a flexible hose into colon region to detect malignant tumors and other neoplasms, dissect small polyps or perform the biopsy of tumoral tissue for further analysis. This is the most efficient and popular method of colon cancer diagnostics in Germany.

There is no a universal algorithm of colon cancer treatment. The procedures are selected depending on the tumor location, stage and patient’s condition.

The major component of colon cancer treatment is a surgery. Such treatment includes tumor and metastases removal, as well as the dissection of lymph nodes located near the cancerous tissue. The surgery for colon cancer treatment is performed under general anesthesia, as usual. A surgeon makes incisions in the abdominal cavity. Laparoscopy is a highly efficient method of surgical treatment, actively practiced in German clinics. There are a lot of specialized centers in Germany for the treatment of colon cancer. We partner with the best German oncologic centers and specialists, offering the most effective treatment in this area.

During laparoscopic surgery an abdominal cavity is filled up with carbon dioxide. Then a laparoscopic tube with all required optical equipment is put inside. A surgeon inserts required instruments into small punctures and performs the surgery. There is no abdomen opening during such surgery that is much safer for a patient.

Laparoscopy and other surgical methods of colon cancer treatment are highly developed in Germany. Specialists of local clinics offer thorough diagnostics and huge variety of treatment methods. Alongside with surgical treatment, the doctors apply chemo- and radiotherapy that can be highly efficient on the initial stages of colon cancer. Moreover, German clinics feature high-quality colectomy and other methods of colon cancer treatment. High level of medical services with minimal risks to the patient’s life is offered in Germany.

If you have faced with such serious disease, we highly recommend you to consider German medical centers listed on our website for your treatment. If you have any questions, you can contact our specialists at any time.

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