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Cervical Cancer Screening

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Cervical cancer is one of diseases that are impossible to identify and notice by self-examination. For this reason, it is mostly diagnosed on advanced stages. However, well-timed screening allows finding it out on any stage in any woman. What are basic cervical cancer screening methods, and where you can get professional help?

As a rule, screening is advised for ladies starting from 21, because the disease may start in young age, too. Screening allows defining both pre-cancer and early cancer conditions, due to which well-time treatment can be rendered. Without screening for cervical cancer, it is impossible to diagnose the disease – visual examination is not precise, and cannot guarantee good results. Self-check is physically impossible, as well.

Ideally, a woman should be screened once a year. It is especially important after 30-40 years. It is necessary for females who:

  • have three or more children;
  • were or are infected with genital HPV;
  • smokes and has unhealthy habits;
  • have relatives with cervical cancer.

Regular examinations at least once in 6-12 months should be done by people from these groups. Besides, prompt screening should be done if symptoms of cervical cancer appear. These include: vaginal discharge with unpleasant smell, bleeding after sex, painful sensations in cervix and abdomen, feces and urine discharge from vagina. All that signals about early cervical cancer.

This is a basic method that allows defining cancer at any stage, and is the safest and easiest procedure. It is usually assigned to reveal pre-cancer state and changes than may signal about the beginning of tumor formation. This type of screening should be done by all women of 21-65 years, and can be done in doctor’s cabinet or clinic. The procedure of sample taking is a matter of a few minutes:

  1. A doctor widens vagina with the help of a plastic or metal speculum.
  2. He or she examines vagina and cervix, and takes a few cells and mucus from vagina walls and cervix applying a soft brush.
  3. Cells are put into a slide or a bottle of liquid.

After that, they are examined in a laboratory. Specialists check whether the cells are normal or not. But even if cell changes are revealed, it does not necessarily mean you have cancer, because other health issue can promote changes. Further examination will show what exactly is the cause of cell alteration. HPV test can be performed along with Pap smear, the same sample can be used for that. People without medical insurance or with low income may get free Pap smear testing with the help of different programs.

If Pap smear test is not enough for identifying the disease, additional tests are performed. Colposcopy is check of cervix and vagina with the help of a colposcope – magnifying device that light up the examined area.

In this case, a doctor removes a small tissue from cervix to examine it and look for cancer or precancerous cells. In most cases, this procedure is done without anesthesia. In case of Cone biopsy, a larger amount of tissue is taken, and local anesthesia can be required. A female can have bleeding and spotting from vagina for about a week after such a procedure, but it will pass. Ibuprofen will relieve pain.

This procedure is performed with a thin heated wire that removes tissues and precancerous cells from cervix. LEEP requires local anesthesia and can cause cramps during and after procedure. A possible side effect is strong or moderate vaginal discharge that may last up to 3 weeks.

Don’t know where to get diagnosed? German Medical Group provides numerous clinics where professionals perform all kinds of screening. If you need a complex examination, and want to have precise results, this is the most reasonable choice. What else makes a German clinic the best option?

  • Treatment, therapy and screening of cervix are 20-40% cheaper than in many other clinics abroad.
  • Europeans don’t have to spend much to buy a plane ticket to Berlin. On the contrary, flying to the USA will be five times more expensive (compare Par is-Berlin trip $90 with Paris-New-York $500 flight).
  • You can speak English? Perfect! There is no need to hire an entrepreneur, because German doctors know this language, too. You will understand each other and communicate freely.
  • European residents don’t need Visa to enter Germany.
  • German medicine uses advanced methods of treatment that allow identifying the disease with 100% accuracy. Patients are provided with maximum comfort and attention.

German Medical Group will help you to find an optimal place for treatment and a professional who is capable of dealing with your case.

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