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Brachytherapy for cervical cancer

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Cervical cancer requires difficult and long treatment that usually includes radiation procedures. To diminish its negative influence on other organs, brachytherapy was invented. What are its peculiarities, and where can it be done professionally?

That’s a method of invasive therapy, which means the object of radiation is located near cancer cells. As a rule, the device is a metal tube that is put into vagina. Brachytherapy for cervical cancer is traditionally used together with EBRT, being basic part of treatment. This method allows reaching cancer cells, decreasing negative influence of radiation on bladder, bowel and other organs.

If women with hysterectomy go through the procedure, radioactive material is put into a cylinder fixed in vagina. If female’s uterus was not removed, radioactive object is put inside a metal tube. It goes into vagina and is fixed by round holders that are put close to cervix. There is an alternative method named “tandem with ring”. In this instance, a disc-like holder is put near cervix. That kind of holder is defined by the kind of therapy used.

Radiation material is put into a tube by a machine. Doctors leave the room to avoid getting radiation dose. However, a patient can talk to them with the help of a two-way microphone. Usually, radiation material is being kept inside for 15-25 minutes, after which it is automatically removed.

Low-dose brachytherapy has been preferable for many years. In this case, the source of low radiation is placed inside near cervix, and a patient has to remain in hospital bed for several days. During this time, special materials will hold the material inside.

High-dose brachytherapy does not require staying in hospital. A patient needs to go through several procedures with pauses of at least a week. In each treatment, an object of strong radiation is inserted and left for a few minutes.

Such treatment is very effective, but it can take its toll on person’s general well-being. Radiation in brachytherapy doesn’t spread far, and vagina walls are mostly affected. They may turn red and become sore, discharge may appear. Some women complain about vulva irritation. There may be outcomes similar to ones of external radiation:

  • light nausea;
  • stomach disorders;
  • permanent fatigue;
  • bladder irritation;
  • less blood amount.

Therapy is commonly performed together with external beam radiation, so it may be hard to say what exactly caused such outcomes. There can be more long-lasting effects, some of which are caused by scar tissues left after procedures. It makes vagina narrower, reducing its ability to stretch or making it shorter, which causes pains and discomfort during sex. However, this complication can be avoided by stretching a vagina. How can it be done? Ideally, by having sex 3-4 times a week. Another way is to use vaginal dilator. But dilator should not be used during radiation treatment – it is better to start about 2-4 weeks after it is completed.

Another side effect is vaginal dryness, which also makes sexual intercourse painful. Vaginal estrogens may help with that. Long-lasting side effects can be as follows:

  • fracture of pelvis bones;
  • problems with fluid draining in legs;
  • lymphedema (swelling).

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Clinics offered by German Medical Group provide top-notch treatment of all types of cancer, guaranteeing comfort and maximum care for every patient. Don’t doubt: brachytherapy performed by German doctors will be effective, safe and pain-free. With our help, cancer can be fought away successfully and with less complications!

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