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Cervical cancer treatment

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Today, cervical cancer is still one of the most complicated health problems of modern women. This is the fourth most widespread reason of fatal cancer cases among women in developed countries, and major reason of cancer death in low-income states. What is the most effective cervical cancer treatment tactics, and where to get professional help.

This is an unusual growth of malignant cells that invade human body and affect other organs. In advanced stages, tumor may grow around cervix and affect its functions.


When only starting, this disease causes no complications or symptoms. However, a bit later the following telltale signs of cancer reveal:

  • pain in pelvis;
  • bleeding or discharge from vagina;
  • pain during sex, or bleeding after it;

Advanced cervical cancer is characterized by metastases in different body parts, including lungs and abdomen. This form of disease is accompanied by:

  • weight loss;
  • permanent fatigue;
  • pelvic pain;
  • swelling and pain in legs;
  • bone fracture;
  • strong vaginal bleeding.


Vast majority of cases of cervical cancer are conditioned by Human papillomavirus. In it turn, it is caused by sexual contact without protection and having several sexual partners. Smoking and prolonged use of birth-control pills are among other factors that promote cancer development. Three or more full pregnancies increase the risk of disease several times.

In different states, cervical cancer treatment tactics vary considerably. Here is what modern doctors in developed countries prefer.

Stage 1 Cervical Cancer Treatment

Initial stage of disease is treated with hysterectomy: uterus and vagina fragment are removed in this case. Lymph nodes can be cut out, as well. Electrical excision procedure and cone biopsy can be selected as alternative methods. Trachelectomy is an option for those who want to have babies in the future, because it allows removing cancer cells without touching vagina and uterus. However, a few doctors are skilled in this operation, and it is not considered a standard yet. radical trachelectomy may be performed vaginally or abdominally, and opinions about which is better are different.

Stage 2 Cervical Cancer Treatment

This disease is treated by radical hysterectomy, and is complemented by radiation. It is performed either externally (as beam radiotherapy), or internally (brachytherapy).Women with high risks of disease revealed by pathologic examination are treated with radiation (chemo is optional). That reduces the chances of recurrence. tumors of more than 4 cm are treated as described above, and cisplatin-based chemo complements treatment.

Stage 3 and 4 Cervical Cancer Treatment

Advanced stages are treated with the help of hysterectomy followed up by radiation and cisplatin intake. Combination of hycamtin and cisplatin is supposed to be most effective on the last stage of disease. However, it may cause some sign effects, including: anemia, thrombocytopenia and neutropenia. To make sure the disease is cured, entire tumor should be removed with no cancer cells and tissues left. Since cervical cancer is radiosensitive, this treatment is appropriate on any stage, especially when other options are not available.

To ensure faster and more productive treatment, do the following:

  1. Eat food full of nutrients and vitamins – it will improve work of immune system and give your body energy to struggle.
  2. Sleep enough, avoid stressful situations, and relax as much as you can. However, don’t forget about periodic exercises and walks on fresh air.
  3. Communicate with friends and family to get their support: it is very important to stay positive.
  4. HPV-conditioned cancer treatment should also be aimed at eliminating the reason of disease. Take antibiotics and other drugs to kill the virus.

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