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Breast Cancer Early Symptoms

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It is not a secret that the sooner cancer is revealed, the easier it is to treat and deal with. Luckily, death rate of people diagnosed with breast tumors has decreased considerably due to modern methods of diagnosis and general awareness. What are the early signs of breast cancer, and what can be done to reveal them? This article describes recommendations of best German doctors.

The golden rule of every woman is to organize self-examination from time to time. It’s you who knows better how your breast looks and what it feels like. So the easiest and most reliable way of cancer detection is to check boobs for alterations. Always be on the lookout, and make sure that breasts preserve their shape, size and color. And remember that what is normal for your friends may be a telltale sign of early breast cancer for you.

Besides, you should tracks family history of cancer: if females from your lineage suffered from this disease, you are also at risk, and should double up your awareness. Of course, lifestyle decisions take their toll on your health: refuse of cigarettes and alcohol and get rid of some other bad habits. Regular physical activity and normal diet also boost cancer resistance.

Here are basic symptoms of initial cancer stages:

  1. Lump is the basic breast cancer early symptom. Palpate breast and tissues around them properly, reaching ribs. If you feel small solid masses of pea size or bigger, keep an eye out – check them regularly. If they do not dissolve on their own during 21 days, this is a reason to visit a doctor. Sometimes breast hardening is triggered by menstrual cycle. Even if you find a lump, do not panic: 80% of them are not cancerous.
  2. Redness, itching and skin warmth are also telltale signs of cancer. If you experience discomfort, and skin looks deformed, it should not be ignored. It can signal the presence of "advanced" cancer, which is aggressive and very dangerous. Skin becomes puckering or dimpling, just as orange peel. In rare cases, cancer causes formation of open wounds, but this is observed at last stages.
  3. Permanent fatigue is one of most unexpected early signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Modern woman's life is full of difficulties, problems, things to do, and, consequently, stress. It is normal to be tired as the end of day, but if weakness persists throughout a day, and this state lasts for several weeks, it is a signal that something is wrong with your body.
  4. Pain is another warning sign. If you experience it several weeks in row, tumor might have formed, and is continuing to develop. What kind of pain is it? Stinging, pulling, stabbing - women describe it in different ways.
  5. If a nipple becomes flat, or drawn inside, it is a clear sign of breast cancer. Body alterations like that do not appear without reasons, and tumor can affect the centre of boobs in this case.
  6. Paget's disease, a sub-type of cancer, is characterized by rash around nipples and on them. It often looks like eczema, and can be mistaken for it during examination. Skin covered with small red bumps may itch and cause burning sensation, which is quite unpleasant, especially when wearing bra.
  7. Swelling of armpit is often caused by tumor spreading to lymph nodes. That can manifest into uneasiness and discomfort experienced when trying to move an arm.
  8. Any discharge from nipples, be that transparent fluid, blood or something else are probably caused by disease benign, result of cancer.
  9. Flattening of boobs and sudden change of form is usually triggered by tumors. If you detect an area that is somewhat different from the rest of breast, it is probably affected. Marble-like formations under skin can also appear to be tumors.

These symptoms can appear together, or just one of them reveals – everything depends on a person. If at least one of the things described above tortures you for a long time, visit a doctor. If may save your health and even life.

If you notice any of these symptoms, and they last for half a month, or more, it is a reason to visit a doctor. He will assign tests and different diagnosis techniques to detect what exactly caused breast alterations. Early stage breast cancer treatment is proved to be quite effective, and you are more likely to recover and go through operations successfully. As soon as treatment is started, a person gets better and symptoms gradually relieve. If you experience some discomfort or pains during procedures, consult a doctor, and he may prescribe something to ease your state.

If you are aware of the symptoms, it will be easier for you to determine them and reveal in time. Be aware, and don't forget to perform self-check at least once in six months. If something makes you suspect the disease, don’t hesitate to visit oncologist.

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