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Symptoms of Breast Cancer

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When the symptoms of breast cancer are not noticed in time, or are just being ignored, the chances to be cured totally decreases dramatically. Indeed, advanced stages can be avoided in many cases, if treatment is rendered early. What are the basic signs and symptoms of breast cancer and relieve them?

Woman’s body is always altering, and what seems to be normal, may turn out to be a telltale sign of malaise. Here is what primary attention should be paid for:

  1. Change of breasts, for instance, skin dimpling, inward turning of nipples, discharge of fluid from nipples, scaling or redness. In this case, a doctor may perform examination, ask about history of cancer in family and assign biopsy or mammography.
  2. Thickening and swelling of underarm that persists during menstrual cycle.
  3. If bloating persists a week or two and is accompanied with bleeding or weight alteration, it may be one of the most evident female breast cancer symptoms.
  4. Extreme permanent tiredness is not normal. If fatigue never gets better and is accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms, for instance, blood in stool, you should consult a doctor.
  5. Although most aches have other causes, they can also signal the presence of some disease. If an unexplained ache in breast lasts for a month or longer, this is a reason to consult a doctor.
  6. Lumps are also among evident symptoms. Breast palpation allows identifying them: if there are some solid inclusions, it is not normal and can appear to be a tumor.

These changes can be observed even during self-exam, so don’t forget checking your breasts from time to time. German doctors recommend visiting an oncologist in case at least one of the described symptoms is present. It can save your health and life.

This is a type of quickly developing disease that usually does not cause formation of distinct lumps. Instead of it, breast skin thickens and starts reminding orange peel. The affected area also becomes warmer and can be covered with tiny bumps looking like a rash. Sometimes breast becomes red and sores, and feels hard. In fact, the disease starts like small seed-like tumors that develop, grow through breast tissue.

Paget’s disease, another variation is characterized by rash surrounding nipple. The red rash may be itching and mistaken for eczema.

Although some women do not notice the symptoms of cancer on initial stages, they still can be distinguished. These can be:

  • Presence of tumors 2 centimeters wide or even smaller (size of a peanut);
  • Lymph nodes can have small clusters of cells 0,2 – 2,0 mm wide.

As a rule, these stages do not require treatment with chemotherapy: other methods can be enough to eliminate cancer cells totally. Additionally, hormone therapy can be rendered to ensure total recovery.

Lack of nutrition is an early symptom. If you experience deficiency of Vitamin D and don’t consume foods rich in Iodine, the risk of cancer development is elevated. About 75% of adult population suffer from vitamin deficiency. It is good if you get food supplements on daily basis, or consume foods rich in iodine, zinc and selenium. Don’t know whether your body lacks them? Consult naturopath or integrative doctor, and you will get recommendations about diet corrections.

The best way to diagnose breast cancer in time is to perform self-checking. Try to palpate breasts and define whether there are any hard inclusions. Look on the skin: if there are some changes, and it itches or inflames, it can also be the sign of disease. If there is something bothering you, doctor’s examination is necessary. Do not hesitate to make screening or X-ray – it is always better to know beforehand.

As soon as treatment is started, symptoms will gradually fade away. After surgery, lumps and solid formations will be gone, and radiation will eliminate what is left. Pains may be reduced with the help of chemotherapy. To promote curing and relieve symptoms, you can do the following:

Eat sufficient amount of foods rich in vitamins and microelement. You need to get all essential components to make sure that your body has enough powers to fight the disease.

Walk and be active. Of course, you don’t have to go to gym and spend hours on exercising. But even half an hour of fitness, jogging or yoga will already make you feel better. Besides, walking is necessary to get enough fresh air and have better mood.

Do not allow yourself stressing out! Of course, treatment is a long and hard period, but you should not lose courage. Spend your time with family and close friends, do what you like and enjoy simple things. You will be surprised to learn how many things around us can make us happy!

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