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Breast cancer surgery

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Surgery for breast cancer is usually inevitable at any stage of the disease. This is the most important step of treatment, because it is aimed at tumor elimination. What are its peculiarities, and where you can get a highly professional treatment?

A surgery can be done for different purposes, including:

  1. To remove tumor and malignant cells.
  2. To examine spread of cancer in underarm and lymph nodes (biopsy or dissection are performed).
  3. Breast reconstruction (restoration of boob shape after cancer removal).
  4. To relieve complications of advanced stages.

There are two basic ways of cancer removal from breast.

  • Lumpectomy– this operation allows saving some part of boob tissue, because only one part of breast is cut out. Surgeons remove malignant cells and some normal tissues around. The amount of removed tissues is defined by various factors, including its size, location, etc.
  • Mastectomy is cutting out of entire breast tissue, including some tissues around. In case of double mastectomy both breasts are cut out. Breast restoration is required after such operation.

What to choose? At early stages, both types of treatment can be useful, but in case of mastectomy, radiation treatment is less likely to be required. If tumor has a large size, or cancer repeats, or cancer type is aggressive, mastectomy is the only way out.

Despite the fact that an operation at the last stages of cancer is not likely to cure the disease entirely, it may still relieve symptoms or decelerate the spread of tumor. For example, it may be helpful if:

  1. A tumor causes open wound in the chest.
  2. Small metastases should be treated in different body parts, for instance, brain.
  3. Cancer tumor presses on spinal cord.
  4. Blockage of liver should be relieved.
  5. Symptoms and pain can be reduced only this way.

Traditionally, chemotherapy after breast cancer surgery is done – no preliminary treatment is provided. However, for some patients, reverse order of actions should be performed, as it appears more effective. Why so? In this case, chemotherapy shrinks the tumor, and it becomes easier to cut out. That helps to preserve breast tissue. This is done only for tumors bigger than 2 cm, in other cases – there is no point of going through chemo before surgery for breast cancer. Sometimes neoadjuvant therapy can even provide treatment without operation on initial stages (to prevent operation), or for advanced cancer (inoperable).

Chemothreapy after operation is needed to exterminate cancer cells that might have left and prevent their growth. That ensures total recovery and reduces the chances of recrudescence.

Of course, surgery may cause some outcomes, and the chances for it depend on age, health state, and further treatment of disease. A person may face pain or discomfort because of trauma of tissues during surgery. It can be treated with pain-relieving medications, and will disappear as far as recovery comes.

Wound infection is rare, but there are some occasions it happens after surgery. Antibiotics are used to treat this side effect. Signs of infection include fever, bad-smelling drainage from wound, redness, etc. Hematoma and bleeding within or outside blood vessels. It causes swelling, redness and skin inflammation. Surgery may also cause:

  • seroma (collection of lymph node fluid);
  • fatigue that lasts about eight weeks after surgery;
  • changes in arm and shoulder movements;
  • scars;
  • lymphedema (swelling of or around lymph);
  • damage of nerves;
  • changes in sense of balance;
  • psychological and self-esteem changes.

These outcomes can and should be treated. And, of course, to avoid them, you should choose a good clinic and a professional doctor who will do his best to avoid complications.

Since breast surgery is the most important part of treatment, it should be entrusted to real professionals. Where to get top-notch treatment? German Medical Group provides an extensive choice of German clinic with the best conditions and most experienced doctors. Why treatment in Germany is the best solution for all Europeans?

  1. Prices for cancer surgery and many other therapies are 30-50% less than in American clinics.
  2. Plane tickets to the USA are five times more expensive than flying from any European town to Berlin. Just compare: a Paris-Berlin ticket costs $90, while a trip to New York is worth about $500.
  3. You speak simple English? Then you don’t have to hire an entrepreneur, because German doctors know this language, and you will definitely find it easy to talk to each other.
  4. Post-operational treatment is mild, and doctors will do their best to ensure that you feel okay after surgery, and recovering goes well.

Breast cancer surgery is not a threat anymore, if you know where to get treatment, A German clinic is always a sensible choice!

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