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Breast cancer treatment

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This disease affects millions of women worldwide and is considered to be among the major reasons for female mortality after 40. Luckily, modern medicine offers effective treatment options for breast cancer – a patient just needs to find a good place where highly professional medical help can be rendered. This article will explain the basics of breast cancer research and treatment.

First, cancer stage must be diagnosed, because therapy is defined mostly by severity of malaise, size of tumors, their structure and other characteristics.

How is it diagnosed? There are several basic procedures:

  • biopsy (a tiny fragment of tumor or other tissue is cut out and researched in laboratory);
  • screening tests;
  • mammogram;
  • sonography (breast ultrasound);
  • magnetic resonance imaging
  • galactogram (helps to find out what causes nipple secretion).

As it was mentioned, cure depends on disease peculiarities (stage, tumor size, etc.).

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Treatment

It is the most aggressive kind of disease. It is logical to assume that it requires aggressive procedures, though it is not always so. Typically, women need a combination of chemo, radiation, and surgery. Sometimes additional hormonal therapy and intake of Herceptin are required. Doctors found out that such cancers respond better to chemotherapy.

Of course, a woman undergoing procedures should stick to healthy lifestyle, which means normal foods rich in nutritive elements, no alcohol consumption or smoking, and optimal physical exercise.

Radiation Treatment For Breast Cancer

The main aim of this technology is to kill malignant cells left in body after surgery. Besides, it slows down growing and multiplying of cells. Most part of normal cells survive and repair after radiation. This is one of the most effective methods. Despite common belief that it causes drastic side effects, this is a relatively simply tolerable treatment, and consequences are limited to the affected area only.

Hyperthermia can be added to this therapy, because it is believed to make cells more susceptible to radiation (they are heated up to 113 Fahrenheit). Radiotherapy and thermotherapy are performed within an hour of each other.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment

Stage 4 breast cancer treatment is quite difficult, because in this case tumor spreads on bones and other organs. HER2-positive cancer is treated with Herceptin. Chemo plus radiation decrease the symptoms or disease itself. Prognosis for advanced cancer is usually not positive, and doctors can only ease the pain and negative symptoms.

Tumor markers tests and imaging tests are often organized to control the development of tumor.

Natural Treatment For Breast Cancer

Alternative methods prove to be useful for some patients. To reduce symptoms and promote better healing, you can try:

  1. Green tea (has microelements helping to fight cancer tissue).
  2. Vitamin D boosts immune system
  3. Broccoli has a gene that kills tumor cells.
  4. Garlic fight bacteria and contains alkyl sulphur that leads to death of malignant cells. Should be consumed raw.
  5. Grapes reduce production of estrogen, which brings positive outcomes in case of treating a hormone sensitive cancer.
  6. Wheatgrass enhances immunity, decreases level of toxins in body.

The algorithm of cure is based on the stage mostly. First, diagnosis and analysis is required. If tissue damage is huge and serious, surgery is made. Radiotherapy is made after that to kill cancer cells that might stay after the procedure. Chemotherapy can be undergone during all this time (before and after operation). Blood tests are made often to track the progression of disease.

Entrust breast cancer treatment to real professionals! German Medical Groups offers many German clinics providing fast and effective treatment methods for cancer of any stage. Why going there?

  1. Cost of treatment is much cheaper than, for instance, in USA. The prices for surgery and therapies are usually 20-30% less.
  2. You may save on tickets, because flying from any European city to Berlin is 5 times cheaper than to New York.
  3. German doctors speak English, so you can save on an interpreter.
  4. German medicine uses advanced methods of treatment which ensures effective and safe treatment.

No matter how severe disease is, a German clinic is the place where you will get qualified and operative help! German Medical Group is your guide to the best European clinics. Be sure: treatment of cancer in such a place is totally safe and reliable. Most of our clients claim they have made the right decision, and if you hesitate where to be treated, we are here to help you out!

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