Diabetes Treatment in Germany

In following list of German physicians you will find the best specialists in diabetes treatment. Here you can access the presentations of these experts and send them a direct request for trearment or estimated cost.

The diabetes treatment is already possible at a price from €2,300. Please send us your inquiry with a current medical findings to get a detailed estimate cost.

Diagnosis, selection of drug therapyfrom €2,300
Surgical treatment of diabetic footfrom €5,000

German physicians enjoy a high reputation and trust in Germany. If you need a diabetes treatment, send an inquiry today!

Germany is one of the leading countries in diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases. Modern medical consultation and therapy methods not only affect the disease progress, but also help patients with diabetes mellitus to reduce the symptoms.

Here you find the information about services offered by certified Diabetes Centres in Germany.

According to statistical data 10 percent of Germans aged 20 to 79 have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Nowadays 8 percent of the global population have diabetes. Treatment of diabetes mellitus is one of the main problems of modern medicine due to the large number of patients exposed to diabetes mellitus and numerous secondary diseases associated with it (cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction, stroke, renal insufficiency, eye disease and limbs amputation risks).

Certified Diabetes Centres in Germany. Certification of German Diabetes Association (DDG).

The certification of Diabetes Centres in Germany is carried out in accordance with quality of standards of German Diabetes Association (DDG).

List of certified Diabetes Centres in Germany:

  • Medical centres specialized in treatment for Type 2 diabetes
  • Medical centres specialized in treatment for Type 1 diabetes
  • Centres for diabetes treatment in children and teenagers

Types of Diabetes Centres:

  • Out-patient clinics (health care facilities without ambulatory care)
  • In-patient clinics (health care facilities with ambulatory care)
  • Health care facilities as part of out-patient clinic/university hospital
  • Ambulatory care clinics with the opportunity to stay only by day or at night
  • Private clinic
  • Others

Treatment for Type 2 diabetes:

  • drug treatment
  • conventional insulinotherapy
  • intensive insulinotherapy (flexible insulin therapy)
  • adaptation to insulin therapy

Treatment for Type 1 diabetes:

  • intensive insulinotherapy (flexible insulin therapy)
  • use of insulin pump
  • adaptation to insulin therapy
  • daily measurement of blood pressure (with Guardian REAL-Time System)
  • gathering and elaborating of information with computer-assisted systems

Diabetes treatment during pregnancy:

  • Medical consultation concerning nutrition, if necessary preparing to insulin therapy
  • Treatment and care for pregnant women with Type 1 diabetes
  • Treatment and care for pregnant women with Type 2 diabetes
  • Close cooperation with specialists in gynaecology and midwifery
  • Blood sugar control after birth

Treatment of secondary diseases associated with diabetes mellitus

Diabetic foot

  • regular foot examination
  • If necessary, the staff will treat the wound and help you to find appropriate shoes
  • cooperation with skilled specialists like orthopaedists, surgeons and vascular surgeons

Affection of nerves of the lower limbs in diabetic patients

  • regular peripheral nervous system examination of the lower extremities
  • cooperation with neurologists

Renal affection in diabetic patients

  • regular urinanalysis to indicate the amount of protein
  • renal sonography (ultrasound of the kidney)
  • cooperation with nephrologists

Erectile dysfunction

  • drug treatment
  • cooperation with andrologists

Affection of the visual system in diabetic patients

  • regular examination of the eyeground by ophthalmologist

Affection of the cardiovascular system

  • screening of coronary arteries with electrocardiography (ECG) and cardiac stress test
  • echocardiography for examination of the heart function
  • duplex ultrasonography to exam cerebral blood vessels and lower extremities
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