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Cardiovascular Diseases

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The purpose of the German Medical Group is helping people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and willing to get treatment in Germany. German Medical Group coordinates all stages of the treatment abroad.

Here can find detailed information about different cardiovascular diseases and their treatment methods in foreign cardiologic clinics. We did our best to provide ability to get the cardiovascular diseases therapy in the top medical centers. On our website you can find information about such cardiovascular diseases as stenocardia, miocardial infarction and about different methods of ischemic heart disease treatment in Germany. A “cardiac defects” section is created for describing different cardiac defects – inborn and acquired. In “heart beat disorder” section you will read the description of atrial fibrillation, WPW syndrome, and different treatment methods for such cardiovascular diseases including radiofrequency ablation (RFA). The description of cardiovascular centers in Germany is available in “cardiology clinics” section.

  • The search of cardiovascular clinics most suitable for a client, choosing the right cardiologist, taking into account all cardiovascular disease details and patient’s wishes regarding the treatment cost and conditions;
  • providing detailed information about the chosen cardiovascular center and all doctors involved into the cardiovascular diseases treatment program;
  • translation of all medical documents, patient’s disease history;
  • arranging a visit to Germany: opening and extension of visa, booking hotel rooms;
  • arranging distance consulting before and after cardiovascular disease treatment;
  • providing the patient with all details about the chosen treatment course, required surgeries;
  • arranging recovery process after cardiovascular disease treatment;
  • full support during the treatment: professional medical interpreter, transport services, purchase of medications and other types of assistance abroad;
  • maintaining contact with the attending cardiologist;
  • solving judicial issues that may occur during the treatment or on the preparative step.

The specialists of our company arrange cardiovascular diseases treatment in Germany relying on many years of experience with the best cardiovascular centers and leading cardiologists in the country. We arrange the following surgeries:

  • Coronary artery bypass surgery;
  • Cardiac pacemaker implantation;
  • Surgeries for the transplantation of a few cardiac valves at once;
  • Congenital heart disease correction;
  • Heart rhythm disorders treatment;
  • Tumor diseases surgical treatment;
  • Heart transplantation.

Cardiology and cardiovascular diseases treatment are rapidly developed in Germany. Due to our specialization we track the appearance and implementation of the latest treatment methods for cardiovascular diseases.

Type of surgery / procedure Approximate price
Non-invasive treatment of cardiac failure 5 700,00 €
Non-invasive treatment of idiopathic hypertension 3 400,00 €
Non-invasive treatment of arrhythmia 3 700,00 €
Electrophysiological study 6 500,00 €
Coronary arteriography 5 250,00 €
Coronary vessels stenting 14 000,00 €
Common ablation (notably in diseases like atrio-ventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia or auricular flutter) 10 000,00 €
Pacemaker implantation 10 900,00 €
Complex transluminal balloon coronary angioplasty (TBCA) 12 300,00 €
Coronary artery bypass surgery 27 000,00 €
Heart valve replacement 28 000,00 €

Note that these are very approximate price. To give you more accurate information, the German specialist have to look into your specific case.
Currently cardiologists in Germany actively use minimally invasive methods of cardiovascular diseases treatment. They allow performing surgeries with minimal traumatization of the patient.

The level of servicing doesn’t influence on the treatment quality – it always corresponds to the highest German standards!

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