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Internal medicine

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Internal medicine is one of the main branches of German medicine. Internal therapy specializes in diseases of respiratory organs, heart and blood flow, alimentary organs, kidneys, blood and hemopoietic organs, metabolic function and organs of internal secretion, immune system, problems with joints and connective tissues, as well as infectious diseases, solid tumours and hematologic malfunction.

Internal medicine: Diagnostics at German clinics

Modern methods of diagnostics must detect the slightest signs of the disease being at the same time absolutely safe for the patient. For this reason the so-called non-invasive methods of diagnostics are preferred in German internal medicine, such as: electrocardiogram (ECG), ultrasound and magnetic resonance image (MRI). Minimally invasive methods of diagnostics are also used for internal medicine in Germany, for example, “keyhole” technique, the most sparing method allowing the surgeon to “look inside” the patient’s body. For instance, the small bowel is examined with MRI and computer tomography (CT), as well as with video capsule endoscopy and double balloon endoscopy.

Such methods of visual diagnostics as ultrasound and endoscopy become more widely used in internal medicine in Germany. Endoscopy allows performing the examination of hollow organs, such as bladder (cystoscopy), abdominal cavity (laparoscopy), stomach and intestine (gastroscopy and coloscopy). Each endoscopic device is adjusted for a particular kind of examination, but is always equipped with optical technology featuring lighting and working path.

Biopsy and puncture are of primary importance for the detection of cancerous diseases. Examination of tissue can help many patients to avoid total surgery (removal of the entire organ). Modern methods of diagnostics allow detecting cancer at its early stage, which in many cases can save patient’s life. Among other examination techniques of internal medicine in Germany are also: laboratory diagnostics, echocardiography, cardiac catheterization, measurement of blood pressure, PET, X-ray examination, scintigraphy, palpation.

Clinics in Germany:

Friedrichshafen Clinical Centre of Internal Medicine

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. med. Science Christian Arnold
Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. Science
Christian Arnold

Professor Christian Arnold specializes in internal medicine and is also an expert in endocrinology and diabetology, as well as a medical specialist in gastroenterology and X-ray diagnostics. The clinic offers treatment of internal organs in accordance with high and comprehensive medical standards. Here you will find the highest level of medical competence, experience and medical knowledge. Treatment of liver, kidney and heart diseases are carried out in compliance with the innovative methods of modern medicine.

Schwarzwald-Baar Clinical Centre: Internal medicine

Eyke Walter
Prof., Dr. honey.
Eyke Walter, M.Sc.

Professor Eike Walter, M.D. Clinic offers a range of services in the field of gastroenterology, endocrinology, rheumatology and diabetology. In 2012 the department of internal medicine was awarded with quality mark for achieving great results in treatment of gastrointestinal tract and metabolic malfunctions. The department is also a certified centre of intestine and diabetes treatment and ultrasound diagnostics.

Marienhospital, Internal Medicine Clinic, Darmstadt

 Carl Kristoff Schimanski
MD Carl Kristoff Schimanski

Professor Schimanski, M.D., specializes in internal medicine, gastroenterology and medicamental oncology therapy; he is also a renowned expert in the field of gastroenterology. About 5000 endoscopy, mini-laparoscopy, echoendoscopy procedures, as well as therapy of digestive tract tumours are conducted here every year.

Internal medicine in Germany is divided into several branches: angiology, endocrinology and diabetology, gastroenterology, hematology and oncology, cardiology, nephrology, pulmonology and rheumatology, immunology, internal intensive and sports medicine. Internal medicine covers the diseases affecting many organs and requiring complex diagnostics and interdisciplinary treatment.

Internal medicine in Germany offers the best quality and the widest range of medical services based on thorough experience and high competence of German experts.

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