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There are the two most popular methods of hair transplantation used in clinics in Europe: the seamless method FUE (Follicular Units Extraction) and restoration by FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). These techniques differ in the way of donor follicle extraction, while the transplantation procedure, which is the most important stage of the hair transplant, is exactly the same. The traditional technique of transplantation of donor hairs (canal method) can be used in FUE and FUT methods, but, in recent years, more and more clinics in Germany have chosen modern low traumatic methods.

FUT is also called a “strip method”, because the material for transplant is extracted in strips and, then, excised into small units (grafts) containing several follicles.

Before taking the material for Follicular Unit Transplantation, a doctor examines thoroughly the donor area under the microscope to calculate the number of grafts needed to cover a bald patch. This amount depends on the size of the recipient area, as well as on how many follicular units are located on 1 cm2. Hair follicles tend to group naturally, and the number of grafts required for follicular hair transplantation depends on how many follicles are contained in a graft.

After the analysis, when the size of a strip is already defined, the patient’s hair in the occipital region, where the donor material is extracted, is shaved (up to 2 mm) and the head is carefully prepared for the procedure with the help of antiseptic agents. The length of the strip can reach 20 cm, while the width depends on the ability of the patient’s skin to stretch. The patient is given a local anesthetic. The entire FUT procedure lasts from 2 to 5 hours, so, the patient sometimes can be given a sedative.

With FUT, or strip method, a strip excision is made with a scalpel. The doctor must perform the procedure very carefully, in order not to damage the follicles and increase the success of the operation. After removing the strips, the area from which the donor's hair was taken is neatly stitched. In modern conditions, patients usually have “trichophytic closure”, a cosmetic suture, which is almost invisible after healing, so there is no need, as in the past, to hide this area under the hair. Now, after having FUT, you can choose any hairstyle you want, since the place of hair extraction looks exactly the same as before the procedure.

After the first stage of Follicular Unit Transplantation, the patient can relax, have a snack or favorite drink, while a team of specialists prepares for the procedure of transplantation.

The strip is dissected into small pieces (grafts) containing 2-3 hair follicles each. The procedure is carried out with special miniature blades under binocular microscopes. As a rule, it is performed by several people at once, in order to shorten the time and prevent follicles from perishing.

From the extraction of hair follicles up to the transplantation into the recipient area, the material is kept in the refrigerator, in a special solution stimulating better implantation and further growth. Also, preventive measures are taken to eliminate a possible negative reaction from the immune system. As a rule, high results in the field of follicular hair transplantation according to the FUT method can be achieved only due to the high qualification of doctors and the use of the latest medical methods and equipment.

During the FUT procedure using a strip method, a team of doctors and assistants transplants the grafts of donor hair one by one under high-resolution microscopes with the utmost precision.

First, small incisions are made in the recipient area to enable new follicle transplantation. In different hair transplantation centers, they are done either with a microscopic scalpel, or a micro drill, or a special needle. Then, follicular units are introduced into the recipient area. At this stage, the most important thing is to provide the right direction of new hair in order to facilitate better growth, survival of the follicles and the optimal healing.

During FUT, the patient is fully conscious. He can sleep, listen to music or talk with doctors. Transplanting grafts is really scrupulous work, since, using the FUT technique, it is very important not to damage the follicles. As a rule, micro pincers are used to make the process safer. Up to 15 procedures can be performed at the same time; so, much depends on the coherence of the team work and their medical skill.

After follicular hair transplantation, special solutions for regeneration are often used to speed up the healing and stimulate hair growth.

After FUT, the doctor consults the patient on the further care of hair in the recipient area. Shortly after hair transplantation, the patient may experience some pain in the scalp and swelling, which is a normal process that will pass in a few days. A complete recovery is possible in about two weeks.

Two days after the Follicular Unit Transplantation procedure, the patient can already wash his hair. Hair follicles will start to develop, producing new and new hair, in 4-6 months and you can enjoy the visible result in 8-12 months.

The quality of medical services in Germany has traditionally high reputation. With the development of hair transplantation as a part of cosmetic surgery, German specialists have become one of the leaders in the area. Many centers for hair transplantation have already accumulated considerable experience and have extended database to show the patient how he will possibly look after 10 or 20 years on the example of their own patients.

Thanks to many years of experience in Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), German doctors can guarantee excellent results. Among the experts in the field of hair transplantation, there are many internationally recognized professionals with high qualifications and numerous awards. Alternatively, other methods of hair transplantation, such as the seamless FUE method, are also offered in German and Austrian clinics.

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FUT is also called a “strip method”, because the material for transplant is extracted in strips and, then, excised into small units (grafts) containing several follicles. 2019-04-23 FUT Method
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