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FUE Method (Follicular Units Extraction) is a stitch-free hair transplantation when every single hair is extracted from donor’s zone separately with the help of a special instrument. FUE transplantation method is identical to FUT flap transplantation. The only thing that differentiates these methods is the way of extraction of donor’s hairs.

Before executing any procedure, specialists of hair transplantation provide patient with detailed information about alopecia treatment and FUE hair transplantation method, after which they discuss where the edge of hair growth will be. After that, the doctor calculates the number of follicular units required for transplantation.

When FUE transplantation method is applied, donor’s material is taken with exceptional precision and accuracy. With the help of a special surgical instrument, a surgeon makes a few hundred, or even thousands tiny incisions to extract hair follicles. Therefore, extraction of follicular units is performed separately directly from the scalp (in comparison with FUT method when a skin flap is cut, and hair follicles are extracted afterwards).

The procedure of extraction of follicular units is made until enough material is gathered (its amount is calculated beforehand when patient’s situation is analyzed). Although modern clinics use improved instrumental techniques, FUE hair transplantation has a higher risk of hair follicle damage. Therefore, they grow worse than after FUT procedure. Elements of follicles located under skin are almost invisible for human eye, because they’re located too close to each other. To improve the efficiency of this procedure, many German hair transplantation clinics started performing extraction of follicular units with the help of robotized systems. Thus, Artas robot applied for hair transplantation can works for several hours without pauses, and the quality of sampled material is much higher than in cases when it’s gathered manually.

In comparison with FUT method, extraction of follicular units for hair transplantation by FUE method requires using a larger donor zone (for instance, to extract the same amount of follicular units, FUE method requires donor’s zone to be five times larger than for FUT method procedure). Besides, FUE transplantation method requires more time, which is why this procedure is more expensive than FUT method procedure.

If you plan to treat balding with the help of FUE hair transplantation method, you should know that extraction of follicles and implantation require shaving hairs both in donor zone and recipient zone. If a patient lacks own hair on his head (for instance, he’s got complete baldness), follicles can be taken from beard, breast and any body parts where hair grows.

Tiny pinpoint wounds forming after FUE transplantation method heal on their own with the time being. A few hundred or thousand small scars stay in the occipital region of head after extraction, but they’re almost invisible with an unarmed eye, if there’s enough hair to cover the donor zone and hide the scars.

In case of FUE hair transplantation, hair follicles with microscopic skin pieces grow accustomed to the recipient area right after extraction, which means that preliminary procedures for graft preparation are absent. Stitch-free hair transplantation by FUE method takes 5-8 hours depending on the number of hair follicles, and in some cases it may be performed with pauses during 2 days (as a rule, two procedures are performed then).

Modern medicine offers several methods of follicle growing during stitch-free FUE hair transplantation. Implantation of hair follicles can be done with the help of a scalpel, when small cuts are made for hair transplantation, or boomerang needles can be used. In the last case, a surgeon makes tiny cuts and implants the gathered follicular units in the canals that form.

Donor area where follicular unit extraction was performed with a non-surgical method does not require special care, but the area where FUE transplantation was performed may swell and hurt for several days. It will subside some time later, and cold compress can help.

In a few days, a patient can wash his head. Full recovery after FUE transplantation will finish in 2-4 weeks, and full effects of stitch-free alopecia treatment will be visible within 8-12 months when hair grows normally.

For several decades, German hair transplantation clinics have been performing hair transplantation, and they always keep renewing the range of their technical facilities and improving doctors’ qualification. Today, stitch-free FUE hair transplantation is one of the most demanded methods of alopecia treatment for both men and women in Europe. You can get a consultation concerning FUE method to understand the idea of this method and decide whether it’s suitable for you. Just contact one of clinic present on German Medical Group website: here you can get answers concerning all of your questions, particularly the questions about the cost of hair transplantation in Germany and Austria.

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FUE Method (Follicular Units Extraction) is a stitch-free hair transplantation when every single hair is extracted from donor’s zone separately with the help of a special instrument. 2019-04-23 FUE Method
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