Eyebrow Transplant

Thick and wide eyebrows are always in fashion. For men, they mean masculinity, strength, and self-confidence. Thistype of eyebrows indicates a high level of testosterone, and, more importantly, a good state of immunity. They are also an unconsciouscriterion when choosing a partner. Unfortunately, not all people were lucky enough to be given beautiful eyebrows at birth.

Often, the condition of the eyebrows deteriorates together with a loss or thinning of the hair on the head. Some diseases or trauma can also negatively affect their aesthetic appearance. Eyebrows attract attentionand take part in the facialexpressions. Unlike baldness on the head, eyebrow loss is absolutely unacceptable in society, and it is difficult to socially adapt with such a shortage of appearance.

Eyebrow transplant is similar to the transplantation of hair follicles on the head. Nevertheless, it has its own distinctive features, which are taken into account during the procedure:

  • The direction of hair growth on the eyebrows differs significantly depending on their location (inward, outward or in the center).
  • Growth of hair in different directions provides a natural bend in the central part thatlargely contributes to our appearance.
  • Hairs on the eyebrows are much denser than on the head.
  • Hair on the eyebrows does not grow in groups of 1-4 hairs,as on the head, but only separately.
  • The natural cycle of hair growth on the eyebrows is much shorter (4 months) than on the head (3-7 years).

With eyebrow transplant, the follicular units are removed from the donor zone and transplanted into the area where thickening of the eyebrows is desired. After this, the growth of transplanted follicles begins. Since the hair units on the head are arranged in groups of 1-3 hairs, after extracting, the grafts are separated under a high-precision microscope into single hair follicles.

When reconstructing eyebrows, it is very important, though difficult, to keep the direction of hair growth. Eyebrow transplantation makes it possible to create a natural fan-shaped widening of the hairs from the side of the nose bridge, naturally looking bending and narrowing towards the temporal zone.

Eyebrow transplant is done with a thin needle that makes small holes almost in parallel to the skin surface. Eyebrow transplantation requires a skillful and experienced doctor and caring treatment.

A hair transplant in Germany is a safe, stylish, and age-proven method. Eyebrow transplant gives an aesthetically perfect result, and significantly increases the attractiveness, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews of patients.

With classical transplantation, donor and recipient zones are both located on the head and, therefore, the structure of hairs is absolutely identical. If the hair from the head is transplanted to the eyebrows, it is slightly different in appearance and specific of growth. Furthermore, it grows constantly and must be periodically cut. In this case, the cut ends of transplanted hairs may not have such an elegant shape as natural hairs.

Nevertheless, from year to year the appearance of the eyebrows will become more and more natural. Over time, some hairs can be removed, and, if necessary, repeated eyebrow transplant can be performed.

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