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If you have any suspicions on having endometriosis or only wonder to know if you have any symptom please take our quiz from German doctor.

  1. Do you have any pain during our monthly period?
    • No pain. I am fine.
    • Sometimes I have. But it is not so bad to make a story.
    • Yes, severe pain every time.
  2. Do you have heavy bleeding in your periods?
    • Not at all. I am perfectly light.
    • I have for a couple days. Then, it is lighter.
    • Yes, I do. Heavy bleeding for whole period.
  3. How regular your periods?
    • Regular. 21-28 days long.
    • Less than 21 days long. It’s too often to me. I could not rest.
    • Regular enough and quite long. 28-35 days
    • Absolutely irregular. I could not predict them
  4. Do you feel pain or discomfort during your bowel movement?
    • No discomfort/I don’t understand what you mean.
    • Sometimes it occurs.
    • Yes, I have pain.
  5. Do you often have diarrhea or constipation?
    • My stomach is just fine.
    • Occasionally, like all people.
    • Yes, I have quite often.
  6. How do you feel during intercourse?
    • I am fine. How should I?
    • Sometimes I feel pain.
    • Devil what happens to me. Honestly, I want to cry.
    • I don’t have sex.
  7. Do you feel pelvic pain between your periods?
    • I don’t have pain.
    • Sometimes I do.
    • I feel much pain.
  8. Do you feel mass in your low body?
    • I guess I don’t. I’m not sure what you mean.
    • I feel something but I am not sure that is mass.
    • I definitely feel.
  9. Have you any troubles conceiving?
    • I’ve never tried/I don’t have sex
    • I am able to get pregnant.
    • I’ve been trying less than one year. Nothing happens.
    • I’ve been trying for years. Not sure it can occur.
  10. Do you feel tiredness without any special reason?
    • No, I don’t. I have enough energy.
    • Sometimes. But everyone can get tied, am I right?
    • Yes, I do. I feel death fatigue.
  11. Does your mood go up and down?
    • I am mostly up
    • Sometimes I am up, sometimes I am down. Why do you ask?
    • Yes, I jump up and down all the days
  12. Do you have anyone with endometriosis in your family?
    • I don’t have/I never heard.
    • My aunt/grandmother/cousin
    • My mother/sister

Do you really exist? You are so lucky. You could forget about endometriosis and go having sound sleep. But please remember to come to see your doctor once in a half year. Prevention and timely checkup is the best guarantee of your health.

You are, probably, fine but you have a few symptoms that could be related to endometriosis. Some problems could indicate not only endometrial disease but other conditions. It is better to make an appointment with a doctor. You could check some possibilities below. German doctors will give you proper advice.

You have high risk of endometriosis. It is better to apply to a clinic for careful examination without delay. Please check the options below. Professional care of endometriosis in Germany could meet to the most requiring patients. We have everything to support your health.

You should see the doctor immediately and, probably, you need clinical examination on inpatient base. Please apply for urgent consultation below. Highly specialized German clinicians having in their hand best diagnostic equipment are able to help with the most complicated cases. Surgery is available.

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