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Short Info About Endometriosis Biopsy

When you are diagnosed with endometriosis it is very important to make a test of endometrial tissue which helps to understand your situation better to prescribe appropriate treatment. For those purposes a doctor normally takes samplings of your endometrium for examination. Those sampling are called biopsy.

It is a sample of uterus lining taken for study under a microscope in a laboratory. Detailed examination allows to determine a nature of your disease and, in case with endometriosis, to find a cause of abnormal bleeding and to check overgrowth of endometrium. Also it can be done to diagnose endometrial cancer. The test is especially precise in postmenopausal women.

The other reason to take biopsy is to check if hormone level of the body is in balance. In case of conceiving problems the sampling is checked for ability of uterine lining to support pregnancy.

Before coming for treatment do not use any vaginal cream for at least 2 days and do not have douche. If you want to take any of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs before procedure to reduce discomfort please say it to your doctor.

The procedure can be done in physician office or in gynecological hospital. It is performed on examination table in normal position as for checkup. For fixing uterus steady cervix may be slightly grasped with special instrument. After examining your female organs and cleaning of your vagina and cervix a sample is taken.

There are few devises to take the sampling:

  • Small pipelle that allows to take a piece of tissue fast but could hurt a little
  • Electronic suction device. The procedure is not painful but can cause discomfort.
  • Special liquid which is sprayed and, then, washed out. Sometimes special brush can be used to remove some lining before washing.

You physician could use any of above devices. The whole procedure takes about 10 minutes, after that the sampling is placed in liquid substance and send to laboratory. It takes 5-7 days for complete examination.

It is better not to have intercourse for a few days after biopsy taking as mild cramping is possible.

You should not undertake any excessive physical efforts and to carry something heavy.

The risks of biopsy are minimal but there are some possible side effects is good to mention:

  • Minimal bleeding
  • Infection
  • Uterine wall puncture (rarely)

If you are pregnant, you should inform your doctor as the procedure can cause miscarriage.

Also you should say if you are allergic to any of medication or is taking some drugs as, for example, blood thinners.

You should immediately consult with the doctor of you have any of below symptoms after procedure.

  • Too much bleeding after two days
  • Smelly discharge from your vagina
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fever

In most cases, you do not have all of those complications and feel you comfortable in two days after the treatment.

Normal result is considered when endometrium cells are normal without any pathology. The abnormal result if in your sampling found any of below deviations:

  • Fibroids cells
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Infections
  • Uterine polyps

Precancerous and cancerous cells.

D&C is another test done with the same purpose but in a slightly different performance. Dilation and curettage is normally done in a hospital. For this procedure a sharp instrument named a curette is used. D&C is done to find a cause of heavy bleeding. It is a painful treatment and it is done under general or local anesthesia. If you are going to have a first one you should not eat and drink 8 hours before procedure.

For taking a sampling the doctor put a curved bladed tool into vagina to spread the vaginal walls and to see inside the vagina and cervix. Then the cervix is dilated and the by curette (spoon-like instrument the top lining of the uterus is gently scraped off and taken for biopsy.

After you will awake you could go home the same day but it is recommended to be careful next few days and do not overstrain, do exercising and other energetic activities. You may feel tied after dilation but it is because of general anesthesia. You also can have sore throat as a result of placing endotracheal tube while sleepy but all discomfort will be gone in a few days. It is better to refrain from having sex for a next week after treatment. The reason why D&C is used for defining the causes of heavy bleeding is that it possible to take more material. And another treatment called hysteroscopy may be performed during dilation and curettage when the doctor studies uterus lining.

German accuracy became a legend so you hardly could expect any complications with such a simple procedure as endometrium biopsy. Please apply via GMG and you will have the treatment in specialized medical center with highly professional personnel. You will receive your test result and based on it will be advised comprehensive treatment with high probability of relieve.

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