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Expert Opinion: Endometriosis and Pregnancy


It is considered that one of the most serious complications of endometriosis is difficulty getting pregnant. It is not completely clear how the disease is associated with pregnancy but noticed that risk of infertility is higher than more severe degree. Many fertility centers in Germany have treatment programs allowing overcoming problems with conceiving in women with endometrial disease. If you diagnosed with endometriosis and want to get pregnant you should say it to your doctor. Appropriate treatment will increase your chances to have children.

The answer is “yes” but... But you should start your treatment immediately and in proper way and it is better trying to get pregnant as early as possible, younger women have better chances to get pregnant despite of disease.

What does it mean “in proper way”? Well, one of the treatment methods used for endometrial disease is hormonal therapy with oral contraceptive or other types of hormones as progesterone and progestin. Those drugs are effective in reducing pain, reducing flow and decreasing size of the lesions but they also inhibit female sexual function and prevent conceiving. So if you intend to have a child, you should inform your gynecologist for choosing right treatment.

With minimal or mild stage it is probably reasonable just keep healthy style of life such as diet with many fruits, vegetables and cereals, exercising, supporting you body with necessary vitamins and try to get pregnant. If desired pregnancy does not happens for more than a half of year, it is better to make an appointment with a fertility specialist.

One is modern and effective method for removing endometrial tissues and adhesions is laser CO2 (LAS) excision and/or vaporization. It was proved based on researches in group of patients that birth rate after LAS has been increased.

On moderate stage surgery is the most effective treatment when the lesions are removed by laparoscopy or laser. Removing the effected tissues gives you relieve and increases your chances getting pregnant but, in this case, it is also better not to delay your reproductive plans as endometrial disease tends to come back.

Deep infiltrating endometriosis could significantly decrease your chances of pregnancy, especially, in cases when radical surgery is advised. German doctors normally suggest that means as a last resort. If you want to try keeping your female sexual function you are better to choose specialized center with qualified surgeons who could perform the surgery with high accuracy.

And remember, you should not lose hope. Yes, there is some evidence that endometriosis is associated with a birth preventing but it is not actually proved for 100%. The only fact is that among the women with diagnosed infertility is higher occurrence of endometriosis but it is unclear whether it could be a factor causing the failed conceiving.

If you got pregnant with endometriosis, there is nothing to worry about. Opposite, pregnancy can improve your condition. In one third of cases, symptoms were worsened in early stage of pregnancy but, then, they were gone completely. As thought, that effects is might be associated with pregnancy hormones suppressing endometrium growth.

Despite of above mentioned medical care should not be stopped with pregnancy. In some cases, the disease has the risks as:

  • Hypertension
  • Bleeding in a second half of pregnancy
  • Need in caesarian section
  • Earlier delivery of a baby (before 40 weeks)

Though, it is noticed that pregnancy can reduces symptoms of endometriosis but it is not obvious that disease is gone completely. Quite often it can relapse after woman stops breast feeding but in other cases it seems as disorder cured completely.

Controlled Ovarian Stimulation (COS) is often uses in women with minimal or mild endometriosis for producing more eggs. CIS is used together with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). Combining the both techniques improves birth success.

If after a number of attempts conception still does not happen, and laparoscopic treatment was not helpful, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can be a reasonable measure for improving fertility. IVR is a method of insemination when an egg and sperm are combined in laboratory and, then, placed to uterus. That kind of insemination eliminated possible hindrances for a spermatozoid when reaching the eggs. Additional hormonal therapy stimulates “superovulation” allowing the women’s body to produce many eggs in one time. This method is proved as increasing birth rate on women having endometrial disease but it is not cure the condition itself so pain and other symptoms can be back after pregnancy.

At any stage of your disease you need advice and professional care of qualified doctors. Please apply via GMG to any German fertility center or gynecological clinic for care endometriosis and you will have professional recommendation, all the modern diagnostic techniques, advanced treatment and possibilities for artificial insemination. You always have a chance to produce healthy children just do not give up your attempts.

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