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Gynecology in Germany

Gynecology in Germany

Gynecology in Germany is a synonym for innovative treatment options, advanced equipment and highly qualified professionals. That is why gynecology in Germany is one of the leading European schools that provide thousands of women with high-quality medical care, not merely within the country, but well beyond its boundaries. Additional attention in this area is paid to annual preventive examinations. Gynecologists in Germany suggest that all women should have regular medical examinations at least once a year, taking into account that in cases of gynecological pathologies these inspections have to happen even more often. Exactly such periodic screenings allow identifying serious diseases at early stages. Gynecology in Germany consists of the next areas:

  • General, non-surgical and surgical gynecology in Germany.
  • Non-surgical and surgical gynecological oncology.
  • Gynecological endoscopy and laser surgical gynecology in Germany.
  • Urogynecology in Germany.
  • Detection and treatment of cancerous gynecological diseases at their early stages.

Nowadays innovative and classical therapy approaches are successfully used in German gynecology. These treatments include minimally invasive surgical measures, vaginal and open surgical intervention techniques, flap reconstructive and laser surgeries.

Gynecological clinical units in Germany are fitted with modern innovative medical equipment, are entirely computerized. Moreover, German gynecology representatives create a calm atmosphere, the most comfortable and certainly pleasant facilities for staying and curing that are equally important goals as technical aspects.

Gynecology specialists in Germany always strive for getting the newest and truly profound knowledge in medicine and also in clinical experience. The range of gynecological services in Germany comprises of professional diagnostics, surgical and pharmaceutical treatment as well as qualified follow-up care and efficient treatment of women diseases.

Gynecology in Germany: diagnostics procedures

  • pelvic prolapse among women;
  • functional disease of a pelvic floor;
  • bleeding disorders, myomas;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • pain syndromes, especially, postoperatively;
  • neuromuscular diseases of a pelvic floor, etc.

Gynecology in Germany: range of services:

  • Pre-clinical gynecological check-ups of genital organs and mammary gland.
  • Medical care during pregnancy.
  • Consultation with prospective mothers.
  • Uterine cancer preventive measures.
  • Breast cancer wellness.
  • Uterine and cervix surgeries that allow saving them.
  • Reconstruction of vagina and uterine sustentaculum.
  • Restoration of virginal membrane.
  • Induced abortion at early stages (less than 12 weeks).
  • Cystectomy, etc.

Gynecology in Germany: surgical gynecological oncology

German gynecology has a wide range of diagnostics and treatment approaches for curing ovarian, uterine, vaginal and external female genital oncology diseases. In a case of female genital organs malignant diseases, the crucial significance is usually devoted to personal surgical treatment plan for further eradication of tumor. For these purposes, gynecology in Germany uses advanced cancer therapies such as minimally invasive techniques and laser surgery. Sensory nerve fibers sparing therapies allow avoiding bowel and bladder dysfunction in case of ovarian or cervical cancer.

Additionally, reconstructive surgery is one of the key procedures required during the eradication of tumor. By virtue of plastic surgery, a lot of surgeries became possible. It allows restoring the natural appearance of breast, vagina or uterine.

Gynecology in Germany provides patients with cutting-edge therapy and diagnostic techniques such as pharmaceutical treatment (chemotherapy, antibody and anti-aging curing) and radiation therapy.

Gynecology in Germany: Urogynecology

Urogynecology as a subarea of general gynecology is intended for treatment of women pelvic prolapse and corresponding disorders. The main idea of this kind of surgeries is that all the functions are retained with abnormal structures-sparing (Repair Concept) and saving of affected areas.

Gynecology in Germany: Genitoplasty

Aging changes in female genital organs’ appearance and congenital cosmetic defects in many cases negatively affect a woman sex life and spoil her perception. Fortunately, doctors in Germany have impressive knowledge and experience in intimate plastic area.

Tactful specialists, personal treatment plan for a particular client and advanced laser surgical techniques will definitely help every patient to get rid of unpleasant cosmetic defects and to get the bearings.

Genitoplasty includes the following services:

  • aser labiaplasty.
  • Laser vaginal rejuvenation.
  • G-spot enlargement.
  • Virginal membrane restoration.
  • Pubic plastic surgery, etc.

Highly-qualified and experienced gynecology doctors in Germany are truly the best specialists who are always ready for ideally prepared and truly effective surgeries and treatment procedures according to custom-compounded therapy.

If you are interested in more detailed information related to German gynecology diagnostics and treatment techniques, please contact us at any convenient way for you.

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