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Thyroid Gland Surgery

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Thyroid gland surgery is one of the main areas of expertise of the German specialized clinics. Depending on the kind of pathology, doctors in Germany offer a wide range of treatments: ganglion enucleation, hemithyroidectomy, subtotal resection, thyreoidectomy, thyroid gland removal with lymphodissection and MIVAT operation.

Thus, applying for treatment in Germany, you get many advantages such as high degree of technological provision, professional surgeons and, as a result, high treatment efficiency.

Enucleation of ganglion

Surgeries on a thyroid gland with enucleation of ganglion are the most sparing and are used in patients with ganglion lumps of the organ. Surgeon removes a formed ganglion with a capsule during the operation without damaging the thyroid gland. Such surgical procedures on do not cause malfunction of the organ and the experienced German surgeons provide a good result and fast recovery.


The thyroid gland consists of two parts that are connected by isthmus. Usually, pathologic process starts in one of the parts and then affects another one. If the disease is detected early, hemithyroidectomy is used. Such surgery is performed by removing one of the parts of isthmus.

Subtotal resection

Surgeries on the thyroid gland during adenomas are aimed at elimination of excessive thyroidal hormones generation. Subtotal resection involves removal of most of the organ. Several small parts remain that can later compensate normal generation of the thyroidal hormones due to high activity without causing pathological processes in the organism.

This surgical procedure is rather serious and can cause serious complications in case of lack of professionalism. But these kind of surgeries are performed carefully in the German clinics, without damaging the surrounding organs.


Thyreoidectomy is removal of all the gland. Such surgery is performed in patients with malignant tumors and diffuse lesion of all parts of the organ. They use modern devices of high accuracy in Germany during the procedure. It allows the doctor to accurately remove the organ without injuring the nearest organ structures. And wide experience of German surgeons will ensure favorable outcome after the treatment.

Thyroid gland surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The incision is made in the neck midline. The German surgeons’ tactics is based on sparing surgery. They use modified methods of operative approach, with blunt parting of the neck’s muscles. This is important because the postoperative pain intensity and hospitalization period depend on the soft tissues injury extent.

You can ask any questions concerning the treatment in Germany by making a call to our center.

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