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Thyroid resectionfrom €7,200
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Pancreas surgery is considered one of the most difficult types of interventions in the field of abdominal surgery. Pancreatic surgery is the main specialization of the Department of General and Visceral Surgery of the Clinical Center GKH in Bonn, Germany.

The head of the department, Private Lecturer, Bernd Sido MD is an experienced surgeon in the field of treatment of benign and malignant tumors of the digestive tract. He and his team of highly qualified doctors meet all the expectations of patients thanks to their impeccable level of professionalism.

By virtue of the many years of work of B. Sido MD in the European Center for Pancreas Treatment, the clinic has the opportunity to provide its patients with a full range of surgical treatments with an individual approach.

The large complex in Bonn has at its disposal state-of-the-art medical technologies for performing various surgical tasks. Deep diagnostics in the center is performed under the close attention of specialists in different gastroenterology specializations and radiologists.

Pancreas surgery requires a great deal of experience and skill from surgeons, because there are many important vessels and nerve plexuses near this organ. This is why the doctors of the clinic are constantly perfecting their practical skills and knowledge. The main professional direction in the center's work is the treatment of tumors of different etiology and inflammation of the pancreas.

Cancer cells often damage the head and the tail of the abdominal organ. In the GKH Center in Bonn the first-class surgeons use organ sparing surgical methods in the first place, which minimize blood loss and fully eliminate the disease. But if the pathology is in a seriously developed form they use the most radical techniques to save the patient's life.

If the malignant tumor is localized on the head of the organ the pancreas surgery involves a complete removal of pathological tissues along with adjacent lymph nodes, a significant part of the gallbladder, bile duct and duodenum. In this case the digestive organ is almost always fully resected. But the surgeons resort to this option only in rare cases, as it can lead to the development of diabetes mellitus.

The Department of General and Visceral Surgery implements a number of procedures to fight benign tumors, which are well adapted to individual patient situation and save the organ functions.

The advanced method of "enucleation" is a pancreas surgery, during which the benign tumor is "shelled out". Such pancreas surgery requires the use of a blunt-tipped surgical instrument for the accurate separation of the tumor capsule. Thus there is no excision of tissues, the damaged area is easily extracted. The bleeding is stopped using punctual coagulation. This pancreas operation does not cause insulin-dependendency and does not provoke serious disturbances in the activity of the gastric tract.

Pancreas surgery in chronic inflammation of its cells consists primarily of drainage procedures and partial resection. The type of operative intervention used in the GKH Clinic Bonn is selected in accordance with the pathological changes in the body.

Surgical drainage is an operation on the pancreas, where its main duct is completely dissected along its entire length. Later it is sewn together with the small intestine. In this way, the pancreas will flow directly into the intestines without disrupting the life essential functions. If the above mentioned pancreas operation is ineffective, the specialists of the center will use invasive techniques to eliminate only the damaged areas.

In severe forms of pancreatitis the qualified specialists may additionally remove the pancreas tail. This procedure helps to retain as much the spleen and surrounding tissues as possible.

The General and Visceral Surgery Department of the Clinical Center "GKH Bonn" provides quality surgical services using the most advanced equipment. The well-organized treatment system of the center will help you avoid disturbances in the work of digestive organs and adjust the enzymatic function of the organism using adequate methods.

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Total pancreatectomy. This operation removes the entire pancreas, as well as the gallbladder, part of the stomach and small intestine, and the spleen. 2019-04-24 Pancreas Surgery
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