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If a person experiences problems of hearing loss, or starts hearing sounds that have no exterior source, it is tinnitus – a serious complication of various diseases. Who can help to identify the root of the problem, and where to seek for medical help?

This is not a disease, but rather a symptom. Tinnitus is hearing of sounds without external source. They can be hissing, ringing, roaring, clicking, and sometimes music or unclear voices.

Signs and Symptoms

First and foremost, tinnitus is characterized by hearing sounds, most often – pure tone sound. It may be buzzing, humming, hissing, whistling , beeping, clicking – every person describes it differently. It can be continuous, or intermitted. Sometimes the intensity of sound is influenced by movements of eye, hands, shoulders, head, tongue or jaw.

Most people with tinnitus have some degree of hearing loss. Pulsatile tinnitus is also widespread, and occurs when a person hears sound produced during muscle and heart pulsation.

Although tinnitus depression is also hard to be called a symptom, this state accompanies patients often. Almost every patient experiences anxiety, lack of concentration, difficulty of sleep and other psychological disorders during this or that period of disease.

Tinnitus Causes

If the sound perceived by an affected person cannot be heard by others, it is called “subjective tinnitus”. But if they can be heard with the help of stethoscope, this is objective tinnitus. In the first case, it results from hearing loss which is the outcome of ear infection, neurological or otology diseases, pathology of nervous system, or drugs. More than 260 medications have tinnitus as side effect. Objective tinnitus is caused by various vascular conditions and oscillation within ear. It can also be accompanied by the felling of fullness in ear.

Tinnitus causes and treatment are interconnected, because a doctor needs to know the exact root of the problem before starting dealing with it. How to get rid of tinnitus entirely? Of course, if it is conditioned by some certain disease, a person should overcome it, and symptoms are likely to go away soon. Besides, there are different ways of tinnitus therapy that can bring relief.

  • Removal of earwax may improve patient’s state and make him or her hear less sound.
  • Treatment of blood vessels when this is the basic underlying problem is essential. It can be done by surgery, medications, or some other methods.
  • Changing of medications is what can help when tinnitus is conditioned by some certain drug. Ask your doctor to provide some alternative, or cease the course.

How to reduce tinnitus? There are different methods for noise suppression that decrease the intensity and volume of sounds. These are:

  1. Machines producing white noise may really help to fall asleep. A person may either wear pillow headphones hearing to the sound of falling rain, sea waves, or fire burning in chimney. The sound of ventilation or air fan may also cover the internal sound.
  2. Hearing aids is appropriate when a person has strong hearing loss together with tinnitus.
  3. Tinnitus masking is wearing special devices similar to hearing aids. They generate quiet white noise that suppresses internal hissing.
  4. Tinnitus retraining. In this case, a person wears a device that adjusts to the sounds heard, and masks their frequencies. Over time, this technique allows accustoming to the tinnitus, and helps not to focus on it.

Medications can also help to overcome anxiety caused by the disease, but they have side effects, and can be habit-forming. Some people resolve to alternative medicine (acupuncture, hypnosis, Vitamin B, food supplements with zinc).

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Tinnitus can bring serious discomfort and affect both physical and psychological health. Stop siering from it! Become a patient of a German clinic we offer, and specialists will figure out an effective solution for you.

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