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Ear Surgery for hearing loss in Germany

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Hearing loss may be caused by different diseases of ear tissues. While such methods of treatment as medications and hearing aids do not solve the root of the problem, surgery allows getting rid of it forever. What are the peculiarities of ear surgery for hearing loss, and where this procedure can be done professionally?

Causes of Conductive Hearing Loss

Problems with hearing appear as the result of damage of inner ear, nerves and other adjacent tissues. It may occur when nerve cells or hairs of cochlea are worn out by loud noise, which prevents sending signals to brain, or distorts them. High pitch tones become muffled, and it gets hard to differentiate words. Sometimes this state is conditioned by heredity. Other reasons may include:

  • Collection of earwax that blocks ear canal and does not let sound wave inside.
  • Infections and growth of tumors on the middle or inner ear.
  • Rupture of eardrum caused by physical damage or infection, which can also lead to sudden hearing loss.

Risk Factors

Many things can expose the danger of degenerative hearing loss. They include: aging and degeneration of ear structures, constant or occasional exposure to loud noises, heredity, noise connected with work, recreational noises (music, motorcycle, etc.), some medications and illnesses (for instance, meningitis).

Which Types of Operations are Available?

The method of treatment depends directly on the cause of problem. Tens of diseases may cause it, here we will mention the most widespread cases.

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

If a person experiences tinnitus with hearing loss, surgery is assigned in rare cases, e.g. when the real cause of the problem is nerve damage or tumor. In this case, removal of distorted tissues may stop hearing loss and reduce the symptoms. Surgery of blood vessels is performed quite often and in most cases it really helps to eliminate or decrease both hearing loss and tinnitus.


If a person had repeated infections, or dramatic damage of ear structure, surgery is required. In such case, it consists in inserting small tubes that help to drain ears.

Cochlear Implant

In case of serious hearing loss, cochlear implant may be required. In comparison with hearing aid that amplifies sound and sends it right into ear channel, an implant compensates for non-functional parts of your inner ear. So if you consider a cochlear implant, you should consult your audiologist and a doctor specializing on diseases of nose, throat and ears, and discuss possible benefits of this solution.

Earwax Сollection

Blockage of ear with wax is a reversible reason. How is it removed? A doctor loosens the material with oil, then flushes and scoops or suctions it out.

Otosclerosis Conductive Hearing Loss

If this disease is progressive, it can only be treated with an operation. Two types of surgery are available. Stapedectomy is cutting out of stape footplate and replacement of it with an implant. It brings relief, but in many cases does not stop hearing loss entirely. Stapedotomy is a more advanced method during which stape footplate is drilled with micro-laser, and a prosthesis is placed instead of the tissue. This procedure is considered to be more helpful, and has quite high success rate.

Where to go through a surgery for hearing loss?

Operation is a drastic step, but in some cases this is the only chance for people who don’t want to lose hearing. You’ve decided to go through ear surgery, but don’t know where to get highly professional help? Become a client of German Medical Group: this company helps patients from Europe to find a suitable clinic and specialists who are able of treating the disease. Why is this great option?

  1. Patients from Europe don’t need to have Visa to cross German borders.
  2. If you know English, and speak fluently, there’s no need to hire an entrepreneur – German doctors know this language, too. You will definitely be able to communicate properly.
  3. Treatment in this country is much cheaper than in the USA. Prices for operations, procedures, diagnosis and therapy are about 20-40% less than in American clinics.
  4. Besides, you can save on tickets and entire trip considerably. Compare: a ticket from Paris to New York is worth $500, while trip from France to Germany costs about $90.
  5. German medicine uses advanced methods of treatment, experimental medications and procedures, which allows saving patients with the severest cases and complicated situations.

Do not doubt: German doctors will do their best to provide you with proper treatment and the most comfortable conditions. Clinics in Germany have all facilities and staff to cure patients professionally and effectively. So if you seek for medical help in Europe, German Medical Group is a reasonable solution.

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