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On our site are the leading medical experts in the field of dermatology in Germany. All doctors listed on our website are professionals with a high level of skill and have been selected according to the strictest criteria.

Dermatology and Allergology in Germany for the past 15 years have made a significant breakthrough in the field of research and in respect of requirements for the quality of care and clinical activity. Nowadays dermatology in Germany is a modern medical discipline, capable of providing an optimal and high-quality treatment in the treatment of dermatological diseases.

Dermatology in Germany - a vast specialization covering all areas related to the body skin.

Dermatology in Germany is the branch of medicine that:

  • Conducting a study of the skin and its functions;
  • Explores the causes and methods of treatment of skin diseases;
  • Developing and testing new methods of diagnosis.

Dermatology in Germany, working closely with venereology and takes an active part in the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

The spectrum of action of Dermatology in Germany

Dermatology in Germany as a branch of medicine has its own range of diseases for which the clinic specialists conduct research and treatment:

  • Diseases of allergic and autoimmune origin;
  • Inflammation of blood vessels;
  • Skin oncology (medical and surgical treatment);
  • Photodermatosis (skin-related diseases covers a reaction to sunlight);
  • Infections of the skin;
  • Andrology (genital disease in men);
  • Aesthetic skin defects.

The methods and treatments

Dermatology in Germany offers a variety of methods, making it possible to investigate and treat skin diseases. They vary depending on the individual characteristics of the patient and the direction of Dermatology, covering the desired range of services:

Esteticheskaya dermatology and corrective surgery

This area of ​​dermatology in Germany offers its patients the following services:

  • The elimination of age-related changes of the skin with the help of botulinum toxin A, peeling on the basis of chemical acids;
  • Removal of scars, birthmarks, acne scars, warts, which uses:
    • laser therapy (including ruby ​​laser)
    • acid fruit,
    • exposure to cold (cryotherapy)
    • peeling on the basis of chemical acids,
    • staplers,
    • layered skin resurfacing (dermabrasion).
  • The elimination of tattoos;
  • Treatment of vasodilatation and vascular network with he-dye laser;
  • Epilation (removing unwanted portions of hair);
  • Treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), which can be carried out with the following techniques:
    • iontophoresis (immersion extremity by 20 minutes in water, which is passed through the galvanic current);
    • liposuction (elimination of the sweat glands in the axillary regions, thereby separating sweat glands from nerve endings, sweat and stopped);
    • endoscopic sympathectomy (under general anesthesia is performed the separation of sweat glands in the chest to combat sweating face, underarms and legs);
    • surgery (assigned in individual cases and is performed under local or general anesthesia).

Dermatologicheskaya histology

This line of dermatology in Germany associated with the study of the skin tissues, offers the following services:

  • Histochemistry;
  • Diagnosis at the molecular genetic level;
  • Identification of the antigenic properties of cancer tumors (immunohistology);
  • Immunofluorescence microscopy.

Dermatologicheskaya phototherapy

This line of dermatology in Germany makes the treatment of these diseases:

  • Eczema;
  • Infections of the skin;
  • Lymphoma;
  • Skin diseases neurological origin (neurodermatitis);
  • Zoster;
  • A disease in which the affected connective tissue;
  • Skin tumors.

Experts in the field of dermatology in Germany used to combat these diseases, the following methods in the field of phototherapy:

  • Light therapy;
  • Fotodiagnostika;
  • Photodynamic therapy.

The latter method of Dermatology in Germany is actively used in the treatment of skin cancer. PDT enables physicians to diagnose and remove the cancer formation, escaped the operation. The most successful this technique in the field of dermatology in Germany is used to remove tumors in the neck and head. Percentage recovery after photodynamic therapy - 90%.

Lechenie tumors of the skin (dermatology in Germany)

Also photodynamic therapy, dermatology in Germany provides such methods of treatment of skin tumors:

  • Laser therapy This method of Dermatology in Germany is widely used for the treatment of not only cancer: its range of influence is quite broad. Laser intervention performed without anesthesia (as a last resort, apply anesthetic cream) and are safe even for pregnant women, because the laser rays affect only the upper skin layers. During the procedure, using the latest laser equipment (laser diode, laser CRT, etc..).
  • Digital dermatoscopy This method of research in the field of dermatology in Germany are used for the diagnosis of malignant tumors in the early stages. If your doctor suggests oncology, the camera creates a snapshot of an area of ​​skin, and a specialist dermatologist then scrutinizes the picture. If the presence of skin cancer is confirmed, it is another shot using a camera with a higher expansion, to confirm or refute the doctor arose assumptions.
  • surgical intervention This method Dermatology in Germany is most effective for combating melanoma. This removes not only the affected area but also adjacent to it. This prevents further spread of the disease. After surgery, almost 100% of the recovery occurs.

All the methods listed above are actively involved specialists of dermatology in Germany in the treatment of allergies, psoriasis, bedsores, sexually transmitted diseases, and rare skin diseases.

If you are interested in the services offered in the field of dermatology clinics in Germany, please contact us convenient for you. Our doctors will be happy to help you.

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