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Dental Restorations

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Dental Restorations

The German Medical Group offers you the best German clinic, specializing in restorative dentistry. Aesthetic dental restoration gives a unique opportunity to restore the defected tooth tissues through the biologically compatible composite materials. A restoration of teeth is a dental procedure, which requires high level of precision and experience. The German dental clinics are equipped with the most modern devices, enabling teeth restoration and dental treatment on the highest technological level.

Dental restoration – is the restoration of teeth, usually the front ones. There are two types of restoration – a direct and an indirect one. The direct restoration of teeth is carried out directly in the mouth and the indirect requires making the digital dental impression prior to the treatment for manufacturing the necessary structure (veneer or lumeneer, inlay, onlay etc.) at the dental laboratory. The complete dental restoration refers to the treatment in which at least half of the teeth need renovation. A complete dental restoration includes not only fillings or dental veneers, but also the restoration of missing teeth.

  • Only one treatment session
  • biocompatible dental ceramics
  • careful work with the tooth substance
  • perfect look
  • perfect fit
  • guaranteed long lifetime of a dental structure

Depending on the indication, the German dentist chooses the material for restoration, which gives the maximum effect. The German dental clinics offen apply the hybrid materials, which have almost perfect functional and esthetic quality: color matching, minimum abrasion, low polymerization shrinkage, etc. All the materials are certified and checked in compliance with the German Institute of Norm (DIN).

The following methods aim at dental renovations:

Dental Fillings for Dental Restoration

Dental fillings are used to restore damaged teeth or destroyed tooth crowns to restore the dental esthetics and function. The dental fillings in Germany are produced of biologically compatible materials, which are safe and highly funtional. The most popular dental solutions are

  • dental fillings made of cementum
  • dental filling made of ceramic
  • dental fillings made of precious metals
  • dental fillings made of composite materials

The price for dental crowns in Germany varies from 400-1500euro, with the ceramic ones being the most cost-effective.

Inlays and Onlays for Dental Restoration

A dental inlay or onlay is made of gold, composite resin (plastic) or ceramics. While inlays are completely surrounded with the tooth structure, the onlays lie over one or more cusps. What kind of filling is concerned, depends on how much healthy tooth structure is still present. The cost of these dental constructions generally ranges from 500euro to 1200euro per tooth, with an average cost of 800 euro.

Veneers and Lumineers for Dental Restoration

Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-made ceramic facets, which are glued on the visible area of the front teeth to achieve a visually effective beautification of teeth and to hide the defects for a long time. The application of veneers is one of the most gentle dental procedures with amazing results. Covering one tooth with a veneer would cost 800-1500euro. The price depends on the quality of tooth substance and scope of dental preparations for a veneer attachment. As a rule, you will need only two visits to get the whole procedure completed.

It is a combination of gum surgery and the veneer technique. The aim is a perfect smile line, a perfect tooth position and a radiant tooth color. Your personal wishes and ideas are of course taken into account. The cost of this procedure varies from 1800-10 000euro (depending on the scope of dental procedures needed). The result is, however, worth investing money!

Dental Restorations

The unique CEREC®(Ceramic Reconstruction), widely applied at modern German dental clinics allows manufacturing and fitting a crown, an inlay or partial crown made of ceramic just in one sitting. Without unpleasant impressions, waiting time and the need of temporary constructions etc!

After the preparation of the tooth the CEREC camera makes pictures of the tooth in fractions of a second and brings it in three dimensions on the screen. Here you can see how your new dental structure will look like. Scientific studies that take into account the costs, material quality and long-term benefits, show that CEREC inlays are cost effective and of better quality, compared to the traditional ones.

If you are not satisfied with your smile, explore Germany for the latest technologies in cosmetic dentistry!

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